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This is a question that a lot of men appear to have pondered—and a surprisingly large of them have opted to hit send.

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While many of these photos were sent upon request or with the consent of a partner, many were not. In fact, it could also be a crime, depending on how unsafe it makes the receiver feel. A new study published in the Journal of Sex Research offers some intriguing insight. In this study, a team of Canadian researchers surveyed 1, men, most of whom were recruited online.

Participants ranged in age fromand all of them reported having sex exclusively with women. Those who had sent such photos differed in terms of their demographic backgrounds, personalities, and attitudes toward women. First, and perhaps not surprisingly, men who had sent unsolicited dick pics tended to be younger. They were less likely to be married and more likely to be in casual relationships.

Second, the photo senders tended to be more narcissistic. In other words, they tended to have an inflated sense of self-worth and an excessive need to be admired by others. Third, guys who had sent these photos scored higher in both hostile and benevolent sexism.

In other words, most senders seemed to hope that the recipient would be turned on and willing to reciprocate, or perhaps to go on a date. About 1 in 10 guys said they sent these photos as a way of exerting power male dick pics control over someone, such as wanting to make the recipient angry after having a disagreement. This suggests that there may be Freudian factors behind this behavior for at least a few guys. Some caution is warranted when it comes to generalizing these findings, given the self-report nature of the data. That said, these findings tell us a few important things about unsolicited dick pics.

First, it appears that when it comes to unsolicited dick pics, certain types of guys are more likely to send them than others—and the guys who send them do so for a wide range of reasons. Some psychologists have suggested that dicks pics have become the new form of flashing or exhibitionism. Flashers are people who get off on non-consensually exposing their genitals to a stranger and seeing their shocked reaction.

The fact that most guys in this study were sending dick pics as a form of flirtation tells us that this behavior is not primarily motivated by exhibitionistic tendencies. Just stop. Take a break from your phone and get some help working through those issues. The internet is replete with articles authored by women who find unsolicited dick pics to male dick pics offensive, harassing, and a massive turn-off.

This suggests a very high probability of receiving a reaction opposite of the one most guys want.

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Male dick pics

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