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in. We often assume the worst about out-groups. We hold stereotypes from fragments we pick up in the media — some of it true, some of it sensationalized. The truth is, social media is not for everyone. And most people find evangelists annoying. Telling people what to do usually has the opposite effect. Instead, I make it my mission to educate people on the facts and let them make up their own minds. Then it was my turn. I held all the worst assumptions. It seemed to me a vapid waste of time for selfie-taking narcissists or sexting teenagers.

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It was time to rethink some of my assumptions. I decided to move from disparagement to curiosity. Platforms are starting to splinter into different audiences and purposes, and each needs to be judged on its own merits and goals. So I turned to my intern, Cesar. I ased Cesar, an avid Snapchat user, the task of creating a Snapchat research paper and strategy document.

The result? Many of these snaps are taken by Cesar and show up as screenshots on Twitter and Facebook.

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If year-old Father Marquette is on Snapchat, you have no excuse. Be mindful of timing. Images with more type and markers should be set longer to give the receiver time to read and register message. Use text and the marker tool to showcase your skills of wit and brevity. Creative, unique snaps stand out more and mature snaps memorable. Going the extra mile goes a long way. Keep snaps tasteful and appealing. Would you want your double chin to go viral? If you do screenshot, the sender will be notified. Send photos of landscapes, food, or multiple images of your pet.

Images that look better polished and filtered should be kept on Instagram and Facebook. Snapchat was deed to share a more raw and vulnerable version of yourself. Send inappropriate photos. Just as quickly as Snapchat was built, your reputation can be destroyed. The ambiguous nature of new technology does not give us any excuse to confuse self-expression with lack of self-respect. Take yourself too seriously. The more chins the better. At this point, the only way to send or receive snaps is to friend someone.

A new update now allows for Snapchats to be replayed, allowing for more views. Ideas and brainstorms of ways we could involve Father Marquette—. Virtual campus tour guide. Have Father Marquette on select places on campus and send these snaps to incoming freshman. A Snapchat version of Marquette Exploresbut for campus. Establish a way for incoming students to send in get quick questions about the school and get them answered. This could also be used as an incentive for deciding high school seniors to come here or get them excited. A day in the life of a Marquette student.

If you followed a freshman, for example, snaps would include going to class, being in class, visiting dining halls, hanging in the dorms, any campus events, etc. Want to snap Father Marquette? Add FatherMarquette. Podcast addict. Get mature snaps. Open in app. Tim Cigelske. in Get started.

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Get started Open in app. Snapchat for old people. Social media is not always about you.

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Mature snaps

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