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If trips are not posted, they are not considered to be official AMC trips. The current LRGs can be found here follow this link. Although trips must be posted to the ActDB, the more effort that trip leaders invest in advertising their upcoming trips, the greater the likelihood that they will get a satisfactory of participants. In meetup massachusetts to help chapter trip leaders advertise upcoming trips beyond the ActDB, the Berkshire Chapter operates a MeetUp group here follow this link.

MeetUp is generally considered to be easy to use, and offers us an opportunity to bring in new people who may or may not be AMC members to our chapter trips and programs.

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For trips where you want to screen participants, or that involve money like multi-day tripsif you use MeetUp you should clearly state that attendees will need to register in advance with you. Once you are an event organizer you can post your trips whenever you want--but again, please remember that AMC policy requires that trip listings be posted and approved in ActDB.

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Because MeetUp reaches a very wide audience, and many think that it is enough to just RSVP within MeetUp in order to be registered and approved for the trip it rarely is that way for AMC tripswe strongly recommend adding something like the following statement right at the top of the description, before your actual trip description to make sure that people really read it :.

For more information on Chapter programs, visit us at amcberkshire. We hope you find this helpful.

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Please feel free to questions to communications amcberkshire. Also, feel free to suggest revisions and improvements to this document! steward: communications amcberkshire. Why Use MeetUp?

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Do that at MeetUp. After creating your own MeetUpmeetup massachusetts recommend you setup a basic profile for yourself. To do that, send an to communications amcberkshire. Identify yourself as a chapter trip leader and request event organizer privileges on MeetUp.

These requests are typically addressed within hours. You will receive a notification when you have been given the necessary privileges. Note that if this is a repeat of an older trip, you can copy from past events. Enter the trip title, date, start time and duration or end time. You can a stock or trip photo if you have one. An appealing and engaging photo increases the chance that someone will give your listing some attention.

Enter the trip description. We recommend copying the description you used for the trip when you posted it on the ActDB. We recommend that you do not post the exact starting location, to prevent unapproved participants from showing up. Good questions to ask here are: I am able to complete the trip of X miles at the advertised pace of Y I understand that I need to register with the leader at xxx.

Trip Leaders.

Meetup massachusetts

email: [email protected] - phone:(217) 607-9294 x 5986