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Nov 9. Posted by drmarkgriffiths. It is the opposite to macrophilia i. Such fantasies appear to include the microphiles thinking of others shrinking in front of them male or female, but shrinking women appears to be more popular based on the content I have looked at on dedicated websites. Alternatively, microphiles may fantasize about their sexual partner shrinking to an abnormal height while the microphiles themselves remain unchanged.

All of these alleged associations are anecdotally based as there has been no empirical research on microphilia whatsoever. As with macrophilia, the reason that this particular paraphilia appears to have increased massively over the last decade is because the internet has played a crucial role in helping create and facilitate the paraphilia. Because the paraphilia is almost totally fantasy-based, much of the material from which microphiles gain their sexual gratification is placed and distributed online.

There is a wide range of microphile artwork, photographs, and video on the internet. Applications such as Photoshop are widely used to microphilia definition collages of fake miniaturized people. Arguably one of microphilia definition best online forums that cater for those into all things sexually miniature is The Minimizer website. The person that runs the site says of microphilia that:. Basically, the fantasy centers around women being reduced in size. Everyone seems to have their own favorite height.

Others like them smaller, but the majority seem to enjoy seeing women at Barbie doll height. The sexual fantasies of microphiles appear to be well thought out and elaborate including the specific ways of how the person is shrunk in the first place. The Minimizer also claims that not all SW fans are men and that there is a ificant minority of women who are microphiles although he claims that this is more the case of women wanting to be miniaturized themselves for sexual pleasure rather than deriving sexual pleasure from seeing other miniaturized people. There are many facets and dimensions to microphilic sexual fantasies.

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Here, there are crossovers with other sexually microphilia definition behaviours such as sadism and masochism including verbal and sexual humiliation. Here, the microphiles may also be sexually aroused by the fact that the shrunken women may be in a distressed psychological state e. There also appear to be crossovers with those people who are into transformation fetishes which I covered in a blog. There is very little written — even anecdotally — about the psychology behind microphilia.

The Minimizer gave his own personal insight and claimed:. While some would indeed enjoy humiliating a tiny woman in a variety of nasty ways, just as many would see a miniature girl as something to be protected and taken care of, and would do anything they could to help one if they found one. Does that show a desire for domination? I doubt microphilia definition.

Until there is some empirical research undertaken, we can only speculate as to the psychological motivations underlying microphilia. The Minimizer Wikifur Bookmark the permalink. My appreciation for both micro and macro stem from different sources. Microphiia is much more sexual for me, and in my imagination it is gratifying to both myself and the man.

Macro is more about protection. I like reading stories where a man takes it upon himself to care for a tiny woman. Sometimes accidents happen and things get awkward but for the most part the man does his best to protect her.

Are these fetishes okay?

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Do you microphilia definition I could share these thoughts with my future husband one day, or would it freak him out? Are there just some things in our lives that we should keep secret forever? I am a man who has come to terms with this fetish in much the same way as you have. Microphilia definition think you should be open about this fetish with whoever you are with long-term.

A good partner will help satisfy your desires no matter how strange they may be. All I can provide is anecdotal evidence only, but… I think you have just part of the picture, and while your macrophile post was excelent, this one is somehow lost on me. By definition I would be marked as microphile, while I consider myself macrophile. For example you could go to Giantessworld. But mainly, it offers more possibilities and scenarios.

You have day to day objects to interact with, the people are more likely to wear clothes, for me namely socks and shoes and have at least a semi normal life. Which brings up the different personal perspective by which you see the world. I had this fetish and some that could be associated with it, foot, vore fetish, masochism I guess, for as long as I remember.

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There were no particular movies either like the first post suggested. But I would be lying if I said I did not like movies with size difference, like monster movies, 98 Godzilla etc. They were hardly ever satisfying however.

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The only fetish that extended to my real life was foot fetish. This propagated itself quite early on, I believe as early as elementary school. Microphilia definition I properly discovered the internet at college, we had microphilia definition at home and just one pc, my interest expanded to furries as well. I love deviations from time to time, fantasy characters like orcs with green skin, elfs with purple WoWMystique X-men with blue skin, monsters and aliens. But still the main component for this with me is and always has been the domination and humiliation, being at the complete mercy of someone while still having free will, so that they need to force you.

I love the idea of teen and kid macros. More likely to wear sneakers and have smelly, but pretty feet. Microphilia being more associated with masochism than sadism does not necessarily have to be true. It really depends on the philiac themselves and your definition of the thing. For me it does, I imagine myself in the situation at hand, while other people might be just observers, deriving pleasure from watching someone get abused bug crush fetish comes to mind. I agree, we need more, than none at all.

I mean look at the ancient cultures. There are just more people creating, sharing and consuming it, thanks to internet. For some reason I always end up imagining my self getting shrunken and tortured by the female.

Going based off of thatwhat do you think brings about this particular desire for males who think the same way that I do? I am into microphelia, and I have known about it since I was a teenager. It all began after watching King Kongand it has just stuck with me since. I just love to thought of having a doll sized woman in the palm of my hand. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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