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Nichol Kessinger claimed she didn't know Chris Watts was married when they began an adulterous affair before he killed his wife and two daughters.

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On Aug. And on Aug. After they returned home to Frederick, Colorado, Shanann took a short solo work trip. She returned home again on Aug. Watts placed the two girls in oil tanks through a hatch that was only eight inches in diameter, said Rourke. Bella had scratches on her body from being shoved through the hatch and a tuft of her hair had been ripped off, he said.

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Watts buried Shanann in a shallow grave away from the oil tanks. Watts was sentenced to multiple life terms in prison for the murders, with no possibility of parole. FB Tweet More. The images show a playful, affectionate couple. You'll get the latest updates on this topic in your browser notifications. Chris Watts, at left, with Nicole Kessinger. Screen Shot at Nichol Kessinger, at left, with Chris Watts.

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Shanann Watts with daughters Bella and Celeste. Chris Watts, at left, with Shanann Watts.

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Nichol Kessinger, Chris Watts’ mistress, Googled ‘Did people hate Amber Frey?’: Report