Mole fetish

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The offerings shared below are just a small selection of what is available in our physical gallery shop. Derrick Kaamasee. We will ship it separately when it becomes available. Ernie Mackel III. A lovely grouping of hand-carved Kingman turquoise animals are strung on this double-strand of incredible amber, orange spiny oyster shell and turquoise be. This fetish necklace represents the Six-Directions mole fetish Zuni Pueblo people recognize. They as a color and animal to each.

The animal's have inlaid eyes of jet, and each one has conveys a unique personality. Menu Cart 0. Refine view all. Animal Badger. Mountain Lion. Material Amber.

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Derrick Kaamasee's Mole of jet has a lot of incising marks, indicating a furry coat. These intriguing subterranean mammal's velvety coats have sensory purposes, and their coats aid in thermoregulation. It has bright blue turquoise inlaid eyes. Since a mole has poor eye-sight in nature, they use their other instincts to survive.

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This is good animal medicine for us: to try and go by what we feel, not just what see all the time. View item. Trusting Instincts Mole. A Hunting Directional Set is part of the animal groups of the Six-Directions that Zuni people traditionally recognize. A turquoise point with red coral be make up the offering bundle attached to each animal in thanks for their medicine. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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Mole fetish

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