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Anyone looking for nude images these days certainly has plenty of opportunities online, but generally speaking that doesn't include the social media platforms, which have explicit rules in place when it comes to explicit baring of skin. Twitter for one has bars "adult content," which can include any form of media that includes most nudity, while exceptions are allowed for artistic, medical, health, or educational purposes.

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Facebook and Instagram have similar rules in place, which also generally ban the posting of nude images and videos. Yet, on Wednesday the hashtag NationalNudeDay still made the rounds across social media where there were several thousand posts related to the topic on Facebook, and a far great of tweets on Twitter. A few users took the discussion quite seriously, including TempleWhatever, who offered, "Normalize the human body Stop being traumatized by your natural human form. Your body is your divine gift.

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Then there was the post from DusterFox, which quickly went viral as it apparently caught many users off-guard for its extremely graphic image. DusterFox's Tweet featured a cartoon fox pictured with human male genitalia. The "colorful" artwork was retweeted hundreds of times, and even had more than 1, likes, but it was the response that the tweet received from other users that certainly seemed priceless. Many of the responses were almost as graphic as the actual image.

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By Wednesday afternoon DusterFox defended the "artwork," which falls into the category of "anthro" or "furry" art. When prodded as to what drove the artist to produce the anatomically incorrect fox, the response from the California-based Twitter user was direct and quite to the point, "Serious answer. I just look at these thing like anyone would look at a nice elf, orc, dwarf, Klingon, or na'vi.

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It's just a fantasy people like any other ;D". It could be stressed that anyone expecting titillating content probably shouldn't have expected it on Twitter, and for those who found the whole NationalNudeDay a bit too much to handle, it should also be noted that July 14 is also BastilleDay and NationalMacAndCheeseDay.

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Few Nudes But Lots Of Memes To Mark National Nude Day