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A monomer is a molecule that forms the basic unit for polymerswhich are the building blocks of proteins. Monomers bind to other monomers to form repeating chain molecules through a process known as polymerization. Monomers may be either natural or synthetic in origin. Oligomers are polymers consisting of a small typically under of monomer subunits. Monomeric proteins are protein molecules that combine to form multi-protein complexes. Biopolymers are polymers consisting of organic monomers found in living organisms.

Because monomers represent a huge class of molecules, they are commonly categorized into various subgroups such as sugars, alcohols, amines, acrylics, and epoxides. The term "monomer" combines the prefix mono-which means "one," and the suffix -merwhich means "part. Glucose, vinyl chloride, amino acids, and ethylene are examples of monomers. Each monomer may link in different ways to form a variety of polymers. In the case of glucose, for example, glycosidic bonds may link sugar monomers to form such polymers as glycogen, starch, and cellulose.

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Updated January 13, Cite this Article Format. Helmenstine, Anne Marie, Ph. Monomer Definition and Examples. Biological Polymers: Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids. What Is a Peptide? Definition and Examples. Plastic Definition and Examples in Chemistry. Polysaccharide Definition and Functions. What Is Cellulose?

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Facts and Functions. Macromolecule Definition and Examples.

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Monomer Definition and Examples