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All characters represented in this book are eighteen years o f age or older. Another Saturday morning when I woke up to the nauseating sound of an alarm because I forgot to turn it off the night before. And there was no going back to sleep. I briefly thought about ripping that stupid clock out of its socket and throwing it across the room. I flung the covers off to my left and stood up. It only took me a few seconds to completely undress. I let my online spanking and panties fly off to the floor somewhere. Then I got back in bed and spread my legs apart as wide as possible.

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In no more than a split second my fingers reached down to my pussy to get nice and wet so they could slide all around my clit. Oh… it was so good. I smiled, taking my time. My long-time boyfriend and I broke up several months earlier and I lived alone. Since then, on Saturdays—if I had no other plans—I made sure to take a good bit of time to give myself the quality attention I deserved.

And once I gave in to the pleasure of this routine, it felt like I had reunited with an old friend after many years. I gave myself a good orgasm at least once a day anyway, but there were nights before bed when it was rushed.

Today, though, I was in no hurry. I bit my lip, thinking back to my dream. I was such a bad girl, shoplifting at the mall. A man saw me and chased me down. He took my arm and dragged me to the food online spanking to bend me over his knee and give me a sound spanking right there in front of everyone. I simply recalled the way he spoke to me:. I rubbed my clit faster and faster as I thought about it. He ripped my pants off and spanked me quite hard with his hand in the middle of the mall food court. I just know that faceless-dream-spanker-man smacked away until I was kicking and screaming.

I online spanking he even said something about using a paddle if only one were available. As soon as the threat of a paddle entered my thoughts, I felt the glorious pressure build. I let go. The sounds of my moaning and wailing filled the room as I rubbed my clit, letting my climax consume me. When I finished I stared up at the ceiling, trying to catch my breath. I usually liked to take more time online spanking myself but that dream brought forth fantasies that cut straight to my deepest desires.

Fantasies about paddles and belts always sent me right over the edge but never with such little build up. This morning, it felt like someone pushed a magic button that sent me immediately into ecstatic overdrive. A half hour later I was in front of my computer in my snuggly white robe, slurping coffee out of a mug the size of a soup bowl. I was still in my hazy dream fog, and, as amazing as my dream and subsequent clit-rubbing session were, my Saturday afternoon would include a few errands that required me to wake up completely.

I checked my and surfed the Internet for a while. No matter what I did—reading the weather report, bookmarking coupons, clicking around new Facebook pictures of people I barely knew—all I could think about was getting spanked in the mall. It was a craving gone out-of-control. I had to find someone to give me a spanking, maybe even hard enough to make me cry. And was what so bad about that? So what? I was an independent adult woman who had certain needs. Oh, Joshua. Six months had passed since our break-up. We lived together for two years, beginning before we even graduated from college.

And online spanking was why we broke up. I tried so many times to talk him into it but he said he felt like he was abusing me. I even got him to go for it a few times when he was drunk but he always regretted it later. One day I went as far as to ask if he would mind if someone else spanked me. That was his last straw. If he had any weird sexual kinks, he sure never told me about them.

It was all just plain vanilla sex with him. Nothing special. It was good in the technical sense. He loved to lick my pussy more than anything else in the world and he was damn good at it. And I mean, damn good. That was enough to keep the relationship going for a surprisingly long time. But eventually, I needed more. I could no longer deny myself this craving and it had only gotten stronger since the break-up. That part, in fact, turned me on even more. But I was finally past the point of caring what anyone thought, even if they did find out.

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I was frustrated and horny, and nobody knew what I needed better than me. The thought of placing this ad had me smiling and squirming in my seat before I even created a user profile. I decided to create one ad that I would copy and paste at several websites. I had already browsed the in the past without responding to any of them. There were just too many, and it was overwhelming to try to find exactly what I wanted.

I might peruse the again some other time. For now, I would place an ad of my own. Size four brunette, 23 years old, has a perky round ass that needs some attention. Not seeking a relationship. I just need to go over your knee for a good, sound, bare bottom spanking when required. I wanted to say that I preferred paddles or an occasional belt, but how did I know for sure? Aside from the spankings I received from my parents until I left for college, only a few boyfriends had spanked me and they always used their hands.

I was pretty much open to anything and I still had a lot to learn. Also, maybe I wanted a relationship. If the right person came along, I could certainly be persuaded. Oral sex proficiency would, of course, be an added bonus. I posted the ad at three websites along with a scantily clad picture of myself taken online spanking the back—by Joshua. It tugged at my heartstrings when I saw it on the first ad. Or, hell, that I was doing this at all.

On my way to the shower I had to make another pit stop in my bedroom. I shrunk out of my robe and threw myself down on the bed. This time I knew better than to let myself get off so fast. I took my online spanking, reaching climax after masturbating for a good fifteen minutes before getting up to enjoy a long, luxurious shower…where I had a very powerful shower massager.

I spent all day Sunday answering and masturbating, all the while trying to weed out the freaks. Many of the responses looked promising. Others were downright scary. The thought of it led to me pulling down my panties and spreading my legs wide online spanking get myself off in my computer chair. That idea would have to simmer for a while. There were a surprising of requests from men old enough to be my father, or older.

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Also, he would expect nothing in return for his kindness. Finally, I narrowed it down to one guy, mostly because he was good looking, lived across town, and was available that night. That was his first suggestion. But when he gave me the option of just coming over to his place, I jumped on it.

I knew it was risky and probably stupid. As I sat on the street in my car, staring at his two-story brick house on Sycamore Street, I wondered if I should call a friend and ask them to check on me later.

Online spanking

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