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While a strange business to get into, few businesses offer more money for essentially doing nothing. Once you have decided that this is an area you are interested in exploring, understanding how to sell used panties is very important. Each of these sites has its own costs and strengths, and there are certainly benefits to selling them directly to customers through social media or your own websites. The market for used panties sealed through the mail began around 20 years ago in Japan.

While there is still an active market in Japan, the fetish has spread throughout the world. The market is mostly panty fetish site of men but includes a whole range of professions and incomes. While a person-to-person market like this is not easy to track, most people who have experience in this trade say it is far more common than believed. Most of the men who purchase used panties online do so in order to smell them while masturbating, feeling a connection by smelling the woman who wore them.

There are plenty of options for selling used panties online, and to have success, you should register with several of them and use other platforms to drive traffic to your underwear. Remember, there are a lot of customers out there, but there is also a plentiful competition so you need to stand out.

Pantytrust was one of the first sites nearly 20 years ago, but sites like PantyDeal and SofiaGray have come to dominate the market. These two sites are currently the best sites that specialize in used pantiesbut being successful in selling your panties requires some extra marketing, so using popular webcam model sites to drive extra interest in your underwear is necessary. This is another large site focusing on amateur video for amateurs looking to sell their online content. There are many opportunities for interaction and promotion, such as their contests section.

They offer cash prizes to the winner in several differentso promoting using a site like this is a good way to get attention. While posting videos are welcome but not necessary for sites like this, it is essential to post a few sexy pictures to create a connection with your potential customers. This site, like the others, has an opportunity to add physical items to your offerings, including selling your used panties. This store is intended for webcam models who sell items to customers they meet online. The site works with any webcam site, and not only will it panty fetish site you to sell used panties to interested customers, but it will also allow you to sell other merchandise, accept tips, and even charge customers by the minute for talking on the phone with you.

Registration is easy and you can any merchandise you want and set the price. Updated with real-time statistics for tracking information and their ability to integrate with any other network make this an invaluable tool for selling used panties online.

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The main intent of the website is for amateurs to sell their adult content online. Photos, videos, webcam sessions, live video chats, and text are things that people can market and sell on this site. Along with the available media, there is also a section with physical goods like used underwear.

This is a minor part of the intent of this site, but with a large of users and many opportunities for interaction, it is a panty fetish site place to interact with potential fans. This is how you separate yourself from your competition — direct interaction. Buyers are looking to buy a connection with you; the underwear is only a part of it. The connection of a message or phone call makes the panties more marketable.

This is the biggest site dedicated to selling used panties and boasts over a million buyers and sellers trading online. While they specialize in used pantiesthis site also has the message and chat features for customers to connect with the women they are interested in and offers you another chance to connect with customers who may be looking for a more personal connection than panty fetish site soiled underwear.

The site offers a secure and anonymous experience and boasts a customer base primarily interested in buying used panties. This is another site that advertises as the largest site dedicated to selling used panties online. They appear to be catering to higher-end customers, advertising the better quality of used panties than others.

Like the other sites, they offer a secure and anonymous transaction experience not to worry about your privacy. This is a good way to show social responsibility, but also a good way to find more college students who want to earn extra money selling their used panties. Ideally, your panty business can build through dedicated fans and you can make the maximum amount of money for your used panties. The best way to ensure this is by running your own website. People who are fans of your website may begin by purchasing your panties, but now you also have a market for other interactions and items you can charge for.

Setting your price is an essential decision for your panty business. Setting your prices too high will cause potentially interested people to click away, while setting them too low will diminish your apparent value.

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For most used panty enthusiasts, the smell provides the real appeal to used underwear, so you need to preserve the smell as best as possible. Often, you may find customers overseas, and shipments can take several days, so a vacuum sealer can provide a longer shelf life and ensure satisfied customers who will shop with you again.

You must never provide your own return address when shipping.

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The potential for a wrong address or lost package is minimal compared to the potential of giving someone buying your used panties your home address. Beyond not giving your customers your return shipping addresses, there are several other ways to protect your own privacy. Obviously, do not panty fetish site your real name when marketing anything related to your underwear sales. Make up a persona and the only market using that persona. Do not promote your underwear business or any part of that persona using your actual social media s.

Be sure to also not use any pictures in your panty marketing profiles that are available anywhere else on the web. People even will not use the post office near their home, so their customers cannot find out which neighborhood they live in. Keep in mind, the reason people are interested in buying your used underwear is you, not your underwear. They are buying a tangible connection to you, and everything you can do to make that connection more tangible increases your marketability.

It is best to offer a range of styles and fabrics. The offer should maintain a good distribution of full-back, thong, and G-string panties to cater to different tastes. You should have plenty of sexy pictures of yourself rather than just one or two. Many pictures increase the time that users are engaged with your content, and thus are more likely to become engaged.

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