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Shop our range of beautiful Italian stockings for a romantic dinner, a boudoir shoot, or daily wear. LuxLine Naked 20 pantyhose are made of carefully selected materials to provide ultimate comfort and luxurious feeling. Slip these on and enjoy silky smoothness and cashmere softness. The pair is finished with a very comfortable, non-binding waistband, invisibly reinforced toes and a small gusset.

No t-band reinforcement along flat seams. A real touch of The wide waistband allows pulling them all the way to the waistline or wearing on hips with low-waist skirts or pants. Matte finish with a slight sheen, cotton gusset, invisible toes, shaped heels, flat seams. Buttery soft opaque tights with a low-rise lace waistband that clings to your skin thanks to silicone strips on the inside. Pantyhose websites tights have flat seams, cotton gusset, and no brief.

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The Latte color is a coffee with milk color - light brown with pink undertone. Try out this new, lighter version of Vita Bassa tights. These microfiber tights have pantyhose websites same low-rise lace waistband as the Denier ones but are knit in 50 Denier thickness - great for milder weather.

Silicone strips on the inside of the waistband will ensure that the tights stay in place and don't roll down. Semi-opaque finish, hygienic These seamless Miss pantyhose from Cecilia de Rafael are made to provide ultimate comfort with their microfiber softness and complete lack of seams. Pantyhose websites waistband is low-rise and is a perfect solution for low-waist skirts or pants. There is no gusset. Reinforced toes and high content of elastane 3D Lycra will ensure good durability.

Chic low-rise tights now with a red back seam! These tights have a lace waistband with silicone strips on the inside to help the lace stay in place. Red seams have a red bow and Swarowski crystal attached in the bottom. The seams go all the way to the waistband.

Gucci G18 tights are from Patricia Gucci's limited collection. These are semi-opaque and silky pantyhose with a culotte-style panty portion, low-rise waistband and no vertical seams in the front or back. Silver Clean treatment with silver ions provides maximum hygiene and freshness all day long. No gusset. Size 5 does not have a gusset or a back panel. Discontinued item. One of a kind low-rise fishnets with a beautiful 3-inch lace waistband.

The waistband is soft and stretchy, will not cause any bulges and will sit comfortably on your hips. There are pantyhose websites silicone strips on the inside of the waistband that cling to the skin and make sure the band does not move around or slip down. The fishnets have small French-cut or bikini-brief sheer pantyhose with a beautiful lace effect panty portion and a low-rise waistband. These pantyhose have a beautiful sheen for a smooth and sleek look. Key features include flat seams, hygienic gusset, and invisible toes. Debby pantyhose are sheer to waist, with fully shaped legs and heels, flat seams, cotton gusset back panel in size Maxi and reinforced toes.

The fit is on a tight side, providing a slight shaping effect. The finish is matte. Made of double-covered yarns for better durability. Oleandro is a basic but versatile pantyhose with a slight sheen. Features: sheer to waist, cotton gusset, flat seams, shaped legs, invisible toes. Available in size Maxi plus sizewith a back panel gusset. We recommend staying within the size chart as this pantyhose may not provide extra stretch in the panty part. The main accent of this gorgeous hipster pantyhose is the lace waistband that hugs your hips and clings to your skin due to silicone strips.

If the waistband does show up above your skirt of jeans which is unlikely as the rise is very lowit will look like pretty lingerie. Fully shaped boarded legs, flat seams, invisible toes, cotton gusset. No back Vita Bassa 20 pantyhose is one of those styles that meets most of the needs of business women who need to look polished every day. They are sheer to waist, have a wide hip-hugging low-rise waistband, sandal toes and cotton-lined gusset.

The seams are flat and have reinforcement along them for better durability. These are sheer and silky pantyhose with a culotte-style panty portion, low-rise waistband and no vertical seams in the front or back, making this style perfect for close-fitting thin clothes. Sabina hipster tights have a pantyhose websites adjustable waistband allowing you to pull the tights all the way to the waist or wear on the hips with low-rise skirts and pants. The finish is matte, semi-opaque and smooth. Additional features include a cotton-lined gusset, shaped heels, flat seams. Semi-opaque microfiber tights for men that, according to our customer's feedback, may look more sheer than one would expect for 60 Deniers.

The brief portion has a different fabric, although not very noticeable. These tights have a male flont panel no fly openingflat seams, and invisibly reinforced toes. FREE standard shipping for U. Orders are shipped within 24 hours on business days.

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The Stylish Fox Hosiery Store provides a wide range of high-quality hosiery from Europe - classic and fashion pantyhose, tights, thigh-highs, stockings, leggings, knee-highs and socks. Happy Shopping! I will come back to your site for many more years since I am always pleased with the speed of service. I truly appreciate the personal touches when the package is received - like the hand-written notes. Your ability to touch each client like they are equally important shows, and that speaks volumes! Thank you again!

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Miss Seamless Pantyhose by Cecilia de Superlativa 40 Seamless Low-Rise Pantyhose. Bikini 20 Sheer Low-Rise Pantyhose. Debby Pantyhose by Trasparenze. Oleandro Pantyhose by Trasparenze. Superlativa 20 Seamless Low-Rise Pantyhose. Oleandro Colored Pantyhose by Trasparenze. City Men's Tights by Adrian. Customer Support Have a question about a style, size or color? Rewards Program Earn loyalty points as you shop and save. Who We Are The Stylish Fox Hosiery Store provides a wide range of high-quality hosiery from Europe - classic and fashion pantyhose, tights, thigh-highs, stockings, leggings, knee-highs and socks.

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