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This site uses cookies to optimize functionality and give you the best possible experience. If you continue to navigate this website beyond thiscookies will be placed on your browser. To learn more about cookies. Case. Questionnaire. persons in housing unit. Day of month interview.

Month of first interview.

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Year of first interview. Age, years, calculated from birthday. Months, calculated from birthday. Identification code for hshld m.

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Age according to respondent, yrs. Months on top of yrs of age, according to respondent. Vaccination card. Received BCG vaccination. of polio vaccinations received.

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of measles vaccinations received. of DPT vaccinations received. Had diarrhea in past 30 days. of days with diarrhea. Consult medical personnel for the diarrhea. Why not consult medical personnel, diarrhea. What medical personnel consulted, diarrhea. Where did consultation take place, diarrhea.

Amount paid for consultations, diarrhea. Oral rehydration salts given. Where obtain oral rehydration salts. paid for oral rehydration salts. Purchase additional medicine, diarrhea. Amount paid: additional medicine, diarrhea. Have other non-diarrhea illness. Sick or accident, last 30 days. of days ill. of days in bed or incapacitated. Consulted medical personnel for illness. Why not consult medical personnel, illness. What medical personnel consulted, illness. Where did consultation take place, illness. Distance, in kms, to place of

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Transportation used to reach consultation. Time needed to reach consultation. Time unit, time needed to reach consultation. Time spent waiting for consultation. Time unit, time spent waiting for consultation. consultations, last 30 days. Amount paid for consultations last 30 days. of nights hospitalized.

Amount paid for hospitalization. Medicines prescribed. Medicines used. Where medicines obtained. Amount spent on medicines in last 30 days. Total of live births. of live children at pres. Child born in last five years. Day month last child born. Month in which last child born. Year in which last child born. Last born child still alive.

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Day of month last child died. Month in which last child died. Year in which last child died.

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Month of pregnancy 1st pre-natal control. of pre-natal controls. Where did pre-natal controls. Amount spent on pre-natal contr. Where gave birth. Medical personnel attending the birth. Amount spent on birth. Time exclusively breast-fed. Time unit, exclusive breast-feeding.

Age of child when gave other milk. Time unit, age of child, other Age of child when gave other food. Time unit, age of child, other. Age of child stopped breast-fee.

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Time unit, stopped breast-feedi. Why stopped breast-feeding. Why never breast-fed.

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