Pee play ideas

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What's new. Unanswered thre. Install the app. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Pee Play 2 Viewers. Thread starter ChelleJean Start date Feb 10, ChelleJean Lurker. I know it's sterile, it's not gonna hurt me, etc. I just want to know why people get into this kind of thing.

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Somebody please convince me of the sexiness of this activity? I think you should support him, I mean whats a little pee hurt? I myself have gotten really good at it, I can print, do cursive and everything! ed Jan 22, Messages Location where you live? ed Oct 4, Messages Location on the road. I know plenty of folks interested in it generally referred to as 'watersports' for Safe, if not particularly tasteful.

Give it a try if you're brave? ed Jan 19, Messages 71 Location uh Peeing is a BIG turn on for me. And like for many people its about dominance for me it is not really about that. I just get turned on by the sound and sight and feel of it. Not caring if I pee over the female or the other way around.

Either you get turned on by it or you dont. It doesnt hurt in any case. ed Jan 26, Messages Location northwest. Skunky Lurker. Now I know who not to threaten with pee Click to expand JahDucky Newbie. Ive tried this a few times. Sometimes its really hot and im so into it but other times im not so much. I tried one night with my partner a little over a year ago and it was just a "how will we know if we like it unless we try it? On most nights its not a pleaent idea but sometimes, just sometimes it feels like the perfect thing to do.

I say pee play ideas it a shot, you never know you may love it, like it or hate it It tastes like water. Rash L Pilgrim. Tare Lurker. I'm into it sometimes, nothing to do with dom or sub, think it's more the warm wet spraying sensation, just exciting, like a water gun heh heh, or cumshot. Not so much into pissing anymore since i found out about girls squirting, prefer that, but obviously harder to come by, but more sensible when travelin, rather smell like vagina juice than piss when hitching, or trying to make money lol.

Try it. You don't like it don't do it, if yer partner can't accomodate your decision then you should reevaluate the relationship, if you are considering getting pissed on for them, but they won't budge for you. Goes both ways. LovelyAcorns Newbie. ed May 26, Messages Well, damn. I'm surprised how long it took before this forum started getting into fetishes. Can't really give much help on the former, pee either turns you on or it doesn't.

Before careful about the second one though, if he brought up watersports without bdsm first, there's a good chance he's dominant as in "asshole", as opposed to dominant as in "fetish". Or may pee play ideas just likes pee, who knows? I had a partner for like two years who enjoyed being peed on, but then again, she also enjoyed being tied to Saint Andrew's Cross and whipped, so I'm not really aware of the more vanilla motives. Joe Btfsplk Wanderer. Big deal. Karen Lowe peed in my mouth after drinking Kool-Aid all afternoon on a hot day. She was fourteen, I was twelve.

I swallowed. Over the years I have had plenty of women do it. Two drank mine. I even drank a male once. ed Jan 7, Messages 84 Location london, england. You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre.

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Pee play ideas

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Watersports goes beyond a golden shower – these people explain why they’re into it