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Your Snapchat Story is a way for you to share plenty of pictures and videos with your friends on the platform. However, when you go to create one, you can always choose between making a Custom or Private Story. This essentially details who can see what you're posting and gives you control over what you share.

When you make a Private Story, however, you've got to think of a clever name for it. How else will you entice people like close friends to take a look to see what you've been up to?

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You have tons of cool options out there to name your Private Story. Keep in mind that it will show up at the top left of the screen when anyone goes to view your Snapchat. You want to name your Private Story something fun and a little cheeky? Go for it. Are you more of a subdued person? Give it a more serious label. The best thing about creating these Stories is that all the customization options are really up to you.

To help you get started, we've got some fun choices you can choose from. If you're at a loss for some good names for your new Snapchat Private Story, there are plenty of suggestions all over the internet. You don't have to use any sort of clever or cheeky name if you don't want to, but here are some fun options, courtesy of Nerds Chalk. Those are definitely aimed toward a more younger crowd, especially given how they revolve around friendship, drama, and parents.

Here are a few more, courtesy of Elite Dailythat skew toward a cuter set of phrases. They're still pretty versatile. You can think up your own, of course.

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You could call your Story something as simple as your name, the date, or even a label that brings to mind the memories you made while hanging out that day. It's your Snapchat profile. You can do what you want with it. Our advice to you is to have fun and don't take things too seriously. Share your Story with only those you feel comfortable with. And remember, it's not a race or a competition to have more views or followers.

That said, we aren't to be held responsible if you come up with some truly fire Private Story names that get everyone wondering what you're up to.

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We're not ready for that kind of drama. Snapchat's going to be fun no matter how you choose to use it, though, so put yourself out there if you're comfortable and see what kind of hijinks you can get into! How to Decode Those Emojis on Snapchat. Distractify is a registered trademark. All Rights Reserved. People may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website. Offers may be subject to change without notice.

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