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We are pro-sex, pro-porn, and pro knowing the difference. Our message is simply "talk about sex," because as the comms industry knows, everything #realworldsex is borne out of great communication, and terrific sex is no exception. I launched the site at TED with a talk that went viral.

We saw huge traffic and I was bombarded with s.

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I saw an opportunity for a business solution to a huge, untapped global social need. I decided to pursue our mission to "talk about it" by deploying social media dynamics that socialize sex to make realworldsex and the discussion around it socially acceptable and socially shareable. My team launched MakeLoveNotPorn. We are building a new category. We operate #realworldsex revenue-sharing business model: You pay to rent and stream your videos and half of that income goes to our MakeLoveNotPorn stars.

One day, we want them to be as famous as YouTube stars for the same reasons — their authenticity, #realworldsex, and realness. And yet, my team and I fight a battle every day to build our company. But especially, open up to understanding that social sex is the future.

Despite these obstacles, the site has more thanmembers and began generating revenue on day one. Some stars are making four figures at each payout. Social sex is powerful for all the same reasons social sharing is.

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Our site proves the same shit happens to everyone. We celebrate real-world bodies, hair, penis size, breast size, everything. What does this mean for brand building, marketing, advertising, and PR? We pride ourselves on our consumer insight, understanding of psychology, and ability to leverage fundamental human truths to create emotional connections for brands to build strong businesses. And yet we skirt around any acknowledgement of the most important part of our humanity, something that unites and drives us all: our sexuality. Who we are sexually informs how we feel about #realworldsex, other people, relationships, our lives, and happiness.

That old saying "sex sells" refers only to a superficial, male-centric salaciousness. Just as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Tumblr leverage social sharing for commercial benefit, MakeLoveNotPorn #realworldsex here to do the same for social sex because, trust me, the social sex movement is here to stay. Infographic: Internet porn Sex is big business with myriad opportunities to arouse PR pros Have you registered with us yet?

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Register now to enjoy more articles and #realworldsex bulletins. Stay ed in. Hanbury Strategy, London Greater. Red Bull Technology, Milton Keynes. Vanarama, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. Sex is big business with myriad opportunities to arouse PR pros.

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What is #realworldsex and how do we capture it? Musings from Madam Curator