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Note : Download Uncensored Patch denpasoft. Do not Unzip the file, just unzip your pants. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the game has a level of depth that now places the Sakura series in the company of something greater than just VN eye candy.

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After digging into it, I found that Zack Parrish is the one who composed the music he also composed the music for Sakura Fantasy, which was also quite excellent. Once hopping into the game, it begins with a setup for events to come. Personally, I get bored with VNs pretty quickly, so I initially wondered how long I was going to have to click-click-click-click-click to get to something, uhhhh, enticing? Once stepping into the inn after a few minutes, there she was: my new waifu, Isabella.

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You get their HP down low enough and bye-bye clothes not uncensored, unfortunately, but sufficient enough for a potential party in your pantaloons. But in all sincerity, Sakura Dungeon Full Version presents something fresh to the Sakura lineage, as well as to VNs in general, thanks to its interactive RPG mechanics that bridge the gap between clickity-click-click-click-click VN and something akin to a an 8-bit-era dungeon crawler.

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After it holds your hand a bit, it sets you off on your own to move about the game world as you so choose. Download Sakura Dungeon Full Version and playing now this game. Do not Unzip the file, just unzip your pants Review Sakura Dungeon Full Version : First and foremost, I unexpectedly but gratefully received an early access key from Winged Cloud for this game.

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