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Post by Wildcard » Mon Nov 19, am. Post by ScorpioRising » Mon Nov 19, am. Share your self-suck experience Body piercing and modification discussion. Post Reply. I suspect almost everyone has attempted that feat! Share your experience with others.

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My cock is 6. I swallowed about half of the time the idea of swallowing is always less appealing after you come. I can still easily lick the head. I loved the gush of hot spunk into the back of my mouth and, yes, I too used to swallow it all. It was always my idea that I would save wasting my spunk by eating it all but I like to see it flying too much to keep my promise. Cock and ball stretching is a way of life! You can never have enough scrotum and foreskin. Last edited by pumpbud on Wed Oct 03, am, edited 1 time selfsuck forum total. So some you are thinking why not get a guy ok you live in the woods, your fucking wife how last came when the dog sucked her leg.

The closet town has 2 meeting spots selfsuck forum one there is hunting for that 18 year old who hasnt grown up yet they will not play with a fat pig as I am lbs pig who drinks DRINKS piss they want a ass. Would like to meet other ballpumpers and men into ball torture including needle in balls.

Quote Post by rogj55 » Tue Oct 02, am I have no self-suck pics.

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Other may want to post their SS pics here. Contact gerardt. Yahoo Messenger. Quote Post by gerardt » Thu Oct 04, am pl, that reply solidifies why you seem so combative to at least my posts. Contact Tandm. Contact buddy2. Plus for a short while I was able to to do a bit of deep throat but preferred the coming in my mouth rather than my throat. Sadly for the last 25 years or so the few [well ok then. As a matter of fact I tried before writing this and failed to make contact by about 10 inches. Oh what lovely memories Quote Post by gerardt » Tue Nov 13, am hah!

Contact The Joker. Quote Post selfsuck forum The Joker » Tue Nov 13, pm I used to be able to selfsuck at least the head and about an inch or two of my dick when i was younger and more flexable. I try these days and all i get is a stiff neck, sore back, and dreams of yesteryears O well Quote Post by buddy2 » Wed Nov 14, am I try these days and all i get is a stiff neck, sore back, and dreams of yesteryears When I was a lot younger. Quote Post by formaldehyde » Thu Selfsuck forum 15, am Lucky me! Finialy got my cock head in, then after more practice [ fun] could get another inch or two in my mouth.

Wow what a great feeling actually sucking my own cock.

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Then cumming in my mouth for the first time was another wild feeling. I did get caught once by an older male cousin.

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