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Kik is a popular messaging app. It allows you to make connections and text with other people over your phone.

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Kik is also very popular for sexting. There are plenty of sites where independent models can up at and make money selling Kik sessions.

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There are normally three different ways Kik is priced and sold. Either via a monthly subscription, lifetime access or a set duration for individual Kik sessions. In addition to using those sites to sell Kik sessions, you can also go the independent route. This is through using adult-friendly payment processors. Both of them work similar to PayPal.

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If you use any other payment processor, make sure to read their terms carefully and make sure you can use it for selling adult services. Another popular way to accept payments for Kik sessions is through camming sites. Camming sites are networks where models can get paid for performing live on webcam. In addition to getting tips for performances, camming models will often sell a wide range of products and services directly from their profile. This is done through the tipping system.

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In this case, Kik sessions. This only really works if the model is actively performing on cam though. Customers are most likely to tip for a service when the model is online, as well.

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If you are interested in performing on webcam, then this route is a great way to go. Camming models have some great earning potential, much higher than sexters and phone sex operators. Camming does have more equipment requirements, however.

With selling Kik and other sexting services you only really need a mobile phone. Anyone can get started as an adult webcam model. Keep in mind that all earnings are performance-based, however.

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There are some models that make a couple hundred dollars the first night on cam. Adult Webcam Performers Wanted! Search for: Search.

Selling nudes kik

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