Sexting mom

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By FPJ Bureau. It was sexual in nature with plans to meet up when my dad travels out and of town. I feel torn between telling my dad and risking a lot of hurt and showdowns, and staying silent and allowing my dad to be cheated on by my mom. I am feeling depressed. Please help.

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In life, even if you trudge along the path of least resistance or tiptoe along the steep slopes to the path of greater perceived peril, pain will be an unavoidable part of whatever road you choose. In life, a lot that happens with us and to us is not in our control.

To make your peace with pain, ask yourself what pains you more — The knowledge that your father is being played for a fool or the knowledge that you are going to feel like you sexting mom upset a delicate relationship balance between your parents. Either ways, pain will be inevitable through this process of discovery and recovery. You are caught between two equally confounding choices.

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Unpleasant as it is, you are marked by your choices and your parents have their decisions to make and live with. If you continue to spin a terrible yarn in your head about what is happening and what will potentially occur if you break your silence, know that you will continue down this state of turmoil because you are being sexting mom. In life, either a decision is made for us or a decision is made by us. Define the course of this situation. There may be concerns that your father may have failed to address with her or problems that he is incapable of handling.

Talking will help you understand why she thought it was a good idea to cheat on her husband.

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Good ideas are largely subjective. Regret is always felt in reference to an event from the past and not an event that is occurring in the present — as the emotions and behaviour plays out in real time. Whatsapp is a convenient proxy for human contact. A man or woman can feel alone even in the midst of a large gathering.

Does your mother feel alone in her relationship with your father?

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Is it possible for you to help them negotiate their differences if you send them to a relationship counsellor? I think it would be better and safer yet — for a third party member with neutrality to be sexting mom one to break the news to your father and mother. This will soften the blow. Ask yourself these questions and commit to a line of action as you prepare your mind and find the courage to stand by your convictions.

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Sexting mom

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