Sexual punishment ideas

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It evokes the dread we felt when we were children and our parents caught us doing something wrong or we slacked at work and the boss tore us a new one. A submissive regularly shows up late to sessions, dates, etc. If they love corporal punishment, spanking will only reward them. Instead, make them sit and write 50 reasons why being late is a bad thing and then read it out loud. Howeverkeep in mind that in some BDSM instances or for certain couples etca collar is as serious as a wedding band. To take it away as a punishment would be rather harsh, so use with discretion.

Lovense Bluetooth and long distance butt plug. Check out DOMI - the programmable, cordless magic wand. You might also want to sexual punishment ideas out this article for more punishment ideas:. I would never tell my Dom that. Edge then give sub viagra and the. Tie down then free one hand teaee and give them 2 min to cum but sprain glue salt To the free hand lol. When,my slaves disobey me I make them stand in the corner for 30mins head down no movement Whatsoever Very nice idea.

Haha love it. Similair to that I see is put muscle rub burning effect in a condom and make him wear it. Good ideas for punishment. I wouldn't use toothpaste. That could actually be damaging. The whole point of toothpaste is that it has hard, tiny bits in it to scrape stuff off of our teeth. Basically, rubbing it on any sensitive skin would result in hundreds of little cuts that would sting like hell until the skin has healed.

Sometimes I have to put on titty clamps, then a stuffed bra.

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With my hands bound behind I must lean into a corner. This is very painful. Thin strip of hottest chili pepper inserted into the peehole while he is restrained and you are sitting on his face. Wear gloves to protect your hands Oh boy.

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Is so so much worst. They'll never disobey you again. But I'd add a butt plug. My Dom made me code in Ruby for a punishment. Because the scope wasnt specific enough I made a really hacky solution and a decent solution and I was so tempted to show them the hacky one to be cheeky. Lol its a programming language. Hard and boring as fuck. Non-BDSM related or at least wasnt until now kkkkkkk.

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Hold soup cans out in front of them for 60 seconds. Then to the sides for another 60 seconds. And to wrap up the first round hold them above his or her head for 90 seconds. Dependding on what they have done go a few more rounds of this. Excuse me. If you cannot hold soup cans extended for a few hours, you sexual punishment ideas to do more pushups and pullups. My sub has to hold a 16 ounce coke in each hand straight out while holding her nose to a coin on the wall. She drops either sher gets a paddle swat and teo min More. You disappointed Master.

My favourite is for them to crouch on their knees hands tied behind their back with a big saucer of water for them to lap up only using their tongue. Sounds easy. For a woman: pin clothes pegs or clamps onto vagina and nipples. Place Ben wa balls and a vibrator into her. Put it on max vibration and maker her do a chore.

She cannot touch herself or cum. Would u do public humiliation at the lake to a guy and if so what would u have in mind to do that. Have him wear a womens bikini bottom.

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More humiliation add the top. Minimal sunscreen that day. The tans lines will be nice. He does all the food preparation and brings beverages to you. Have him read Better Homes an Gardens or Cosmo.

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I have been ask to dominate someone and I have never done this before. What are some things I can say to humiliate but turn him on? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. If you've never dommed before, I would suggest starting with something simple. You should also have a conversation beforehand what they are comfortable with or what are their triggers etc. Much of what you can say or do can come from what your sub would like to try at least until you gain more xp. If you have never beem a dom the first thing you need to do is be trained as a submissive and then as a dom.

You have to know what both positions are like inorder to correctly perform your role. Lol yeah theres a lot of disagreement in the community regarding that. Youre saying do something you dont find arousing or positive for yourself at all. Hey, liked your comment. In a Switch, but naturally more dominant. However, in UK how do I go about getting trained properly in both. Im a switch. While some people may be switches there are plenty that are tops or bottoms, but not both. My punishment for my sub when she talked back to me was to tie her up and make her eat hot peppers.

Sexual punishment ideas she got milk, after she begged for it.

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What would be a good punishment for my slave sneaking food after I took away her privilege to eat? If a sub is sneaking food because they're legitimately hungry or starving because they're not getting a sane and healthy calorie count it's not a punishable action. If they're unnecessarily snacking I would have their meals for a time as bland and boring as possible. Prepare her favorite meal, sit her down in front of it, tie her to the chair so she cant move.

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Eat, and dont feed her. Just let it get cold in front of her. Then clean up, and throw out the food. Feed her something she hates instead. Sardines, anchovies, etc. Few ideas are as follows; 1.

Sexual punishment ideas

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Submissive Punishments: How to Punish Your sub Like a Pro Dom