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The way pain and pleasure can collide during sex is intriguing. When practiced with care and good timing, they can complement each other nicely. The sharp sting of a spanking can heighten the charge between partners, feeding into the animalistic quality of the sex session. Like sexual-spanking things in BDSM and sex in generalerotic spanking should only be practiced between consenting adults who are super into it.

The types of pleasure that come from a spanking session are varied, and will depend very much on the sexual-spanking of the moment. Erotic spanking can be gentle, rough, painful, and even romantic at times.

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For those who like more aggressive forms of spanking, the appeal may come from the longer-lasting pain—sitting down and still feeling the impact from the night before can be a major turn-on. During erotic spanking—also known as consensual impact play—the top or giverspanks the bottom or sexual-spanking. The spanking is usually relegated to the buttocks, but can also move to the upper thighs and other areas with fatty tissue. Spanking can happen once, a few times, or repeatedly throughout a sexual encounter.

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But there's more to erotic spanking than the physical mechanics. There's often a power dynamic that comes into play as well, wherein the bottom is willingly giving their power to the top in the form of accepting a spanking. Communicate while you're spanking or being spanked. Can we chill a bit? Honest dialogue during sex is how we make sure everyone is having a good time.

If you're sexual-spanking to sexual-spanking play, spanking should be restricted to the buttocks or the upper thighs. Play also suggests investing in high-quality leather gloves to add some extra padding against a bare bottom. One of the best ways to become a truly fantastic spanker or spankee is by doing some research. You can also check out workshops from Dame ProductsO. Schoolor your local sex shop like The Pleasure Chest. Spanking makes for a great addition to role play—it can bring you into a heightened sense of fantasy. I may have to give you a spanking. Come bend over my knee, you naughty girl.

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Why Do People Love to Be Spanked During Sex?