She loves pantyhose

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A few of the models from my friends over at PantyHoseClass. Leilani23, is a college student who enjoys blogging her fashions and looking for new fashion blog sites. To put herself through college, Leilani is a hostess at one of the most affluent restaurants in her city. She says she loves pantyhose because of the professional look they give her, and she loves how they feel.

Olivia, who says her hobbies are hitting the stores to find perfect clothes and going shoe shopping, says she wears pantyhose every day and even sleeps in them.

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An assistant manager at a clothing store, Ariel says she loves to show off her legs, and she feels that pantyhose or tights are essential. To that end, the horror movie fan says she wears pantyhose six days a week. Ariel is my kind of girl. Now, here they are making Act IV look good:. I love it when a professional photographer asks for ActSenuous pantyhose to do a photo shoot. A year or so ago, She loves pantyhose was contacted by Kim who is an amazing photographer. She asked to shoot several models in ActSensuous for a new website she was developing.

I saw the preview of her site and was extremely impressed, so I was only too happy to agree to the project. First, the site is extremely well done. Well, mostly. At least a couple of them are college-age professionals. I am impressed with each of the many models on PantyHoseClass.

You will find them featured here one at a time, wearing ActSensuous pantyhose. This feature is about Yesenia. The year-old Yesenia is an artist in Philadelphia. A pantyhose size A, Yesenia, loves to dress professionally and glamorously for work and all other occasions.

And that means pantyhose. The young professional of European and Latin ethnicity says she wears pantyhose to work, to her yoga classes, around the house, and even to sleep in. Yesenia said she first realized she loved pantyhose at a young age, but the feeling took off when she was around 9 years old, starting ballet classes and wearing pink tights every day.

I was a strong ballerina. I could be anyone I wanted. Still, she feels she loves pantyhose a pair of black pantyhose will always make her look better. Of course, not everyone appreciates her commitment to looking professional, glamorous and classy. What she would tell women who think pantyhose are so terrible? More for me and none for you.

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For now, she loves pantyhose means being a devoted daughter, sister and girlfriend who works to support her family and herself, she said. I believe in putting my family first. I believe in being loyal and honest, and to never be bad to others. I always try to be understanding of everyone, and realize that the person next to you or 10 feet away from you is fighting a battle every day.

I love your pantyhose. Great feeling and great colors. My personal favorite is Suntan. Yesenia is a lovely young lady. She is professional, classy and quite feminine. Trust me, there are more than 2 pictures in the gallery. Yeseniaa model on the new website, PantyHoseClass. When I created ActSensuous inI was hoping there was at least a small market for percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose. But we do. I love it. I get many letters from customers, and I answer each one. When I work from home, usually, I wear just a cami camisole top, shorts and pantyhose.

A wedding, a funeral, a party thrown by and for high-level business associates, a formal event or important social gathering — pantyhose are for all those occasions. In any case, I know my legs will get looks. Indeed, Lacey gets noticed all the time at work and everywhere she goes.

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She gets lots she loves pantyhose compliments, too. Sometimes by acquaintances, sometimes by strangers, and often by coworkers. Her favorite compliment? They are quite muscular, yet, very shapely. I think my legs look strong and feminine though. She said it started when she was a little girl growing up in the Philadelphia area. When I got to the business world, I felt hosiery was a part of professionalism. Pantyhose give your legs a nice, sleek glow.

I love to be in a sexy cocktail dress, pantyhose and heels, going from one party to the next. She describes herself as being passionate about friends, shopping, and fashion. And that means complementing her pretty outfits with pantyhose. On wearing — For me, pantyhose are proper with any dress or skirt.

I think pantyhose add to any style. I wear mostly sheer pantyhose, but do have lots of patterned and specialty pantyhose and tights. When did you first realize you love them — 7 th grade dance my first formal. When I was in middle school, I realized that she loves pantyhose heels fit more comfortably when wearing pantyhose, and they covered imperfections in your legs, such as cuts and bruises from playing sports.

Your favorite shade — Tan. I like the neutral colors that are more skintone. On getting compliments — Others notice because pantyhose make your legs stand out in a positive way. I have received compliments about how nice my legs look and I know it was because of the sheerness of the pantyhose.

On the bare legs movement — I think women overlook the enhancement value pantyhose give to your legs and do not realize that all pantyhose are not uncomfortable. I am so happy to have gotten to know Lacey, and I thank her for agreeing to model some of her favorite colors of Act III pantyhose for us. You can view a gallery of her pics below. Miss the old days when pantyhose TV commercials were a staple of advertising during the s, 80s and certainly into the 90s, but not since?

Is this an indication that pantyhose are officially back? Not exactly. Animated, huh? I like to contemplate which star would be perfect for ActSensuous? While there are so many beautiful and glamorous celebs out there, the list of those who actually would be perfect for ActSensuous would seem to me to be quite small. Since ActSensuous are percent nylon and completely sheer to waist, the actress who makes ActSensuous her preferred pantyhose would have to be … you know, really sexy! She loves pantyhose how the list would have to be a short one?

Here are some of my favorite actresses, and the pros and cons about their being the right celebrity to represent ActSensuous :. Nicole Kidman — She is a very talented actress. She always wears pantyhose in all the right settings. She is sexy, but does she really think pantyhose are sexy, or is it that she just has the class to always wear for the right occasions? But I do love the idea of it. But do you think she sees pantyhose as sexy? I doubt it. Parker Posey — A few years ago, she might have been the obvious choice.

I have to think that she is one who truly thinks pantyhose are sexy, which makes her perfect for ActSensuous. But she remains a very intriguing possibility. Catherine Zeta-Jones — Another talented actress whose beauty is compelling. She has so much class and grace.

I never see her not wearing pantyhose for the right occasion. Lucy Liu — She is awesome! She is gorgeous, very sexy and just plain adorable. When she wears pantyhose and high heels with a suit or a dress in some of her TV or movie roles, she is incredible.

She loves pantyhose

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Does Anyone Wear Pantyhose Anymore?