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Smut Stone? I know, I know, porn games can be pretty bad. This one's for you card game lovers. No more watching porn in one tab while trying to build a quality deck to crush some losers in the other. Now you can do both at the same time!

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One just lets you cum on her face. No Apps or Downlo. Head to Smutstone. No downlo, apps, or any other programs to deal with. I actually prefer it that way. Plus, you can close out browser games quickly. The game gets going right when you get to the site. You can up and make an to pick up where you sexy escapades left off. Otherwise, you start off from the beginning. You stop the babe who stole your stripper and the imp guides you through all the important aspects of the game.

Fuck Bitches, Make Money, and Repeat Basically, your smutstone is to explore the land and add chicks to your harem, thus building your deck of hot babes. Smutstone told you it was simple. But they have to make this shit easy to understand. The game is equally simple. You go through battle after battle defeating bitches and adding them to your deck. You can modify the cards you have in your deck to max out on attack power.

The cards lineup and you just hit fight. Leveling the cards up gives them more health and more power. Each player gets three cards on the field.

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Your goal is to try and defeat the other three cards and then take out your opponent's health bar. Defeating opponents usually awards you coins or cards. Swap cards in and out to create the strongest deck possible, or do what I did and make a lineup of the hottest sluts that you capture. I wish smutstone were longer and more detailed. You get a couple of slides, maybe, of fucking some fantasy chick in smutstone ass or something along those lines. Get some better writers on the team or something. You can fight other players, engage in tournaments, buy card packs, and all the same shit you could do on a regular card game.

You get the idea.

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Game Player is Way too Small! One gripe I have is that the game smutstone too small. The player should be twice the size of what it is. The fuck, man. The only way the game is anywhere near playable on mobile is if you rotate the screen. Clicking buttons and logging smutstone is just a huge pain in the ass on your phone.

I can get behind some card games, and this one is pretty decent. Really, what it needs most is a bigger video player. Hooligapps is the company that makes the game, and they make other great games that take up the entire screen. This one should be no different. I also think more intricate sex scenes are in order.

How am I supposed to nut to like two frames of my hero getting blown by some chick? The sex scenes are pretty softcore and come and go very quickly. A nut is a nut.

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