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Analysis of file metadata estimates that more than 90, photos and videos dating back to October were stolen from a third-party Snapchat service. Pictures and videos distributed online from aroundSnapchat s almost certainly came from the Snapsaved.

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A file of 13GB of photos and videos belonging to users of the service, of whom about half are teenagers, was put online on Sunday. There had been rumours late last week that a huge of Snapchat photos and videos would be put online, though Snapchat has insisted that its own servers were not hacked.

Instead, a separate third-party website called snapsaved. Patterns in traffic to Snapsaved, and the timestamps on the files in the download analysed by Riot - who says he was the first to figure out the filename obfuscation used by Snapchat to encode file creation dates - also matches closely. But third-party apps have exploited flaws in its security model to make that content storable.

That stored content has then been copied - and is now being distributed online. The distribution of the photos has brought renewed focus on an underground group of men responsible for stealing and then publishing personal pictures of women. That led to the revelation that there were teams who worked on hacking iCloud and other systems where stores pictures of women could either be sold or shared to humiliate them. Of the snapchat leak pics breach, the researcher says that the entire database contains 88, still images and 9, videos, comprising 6.

By correlating the timestamps on the dumped database with data about Snapsaved, he says it is almost certain the content came from it. But that has raised further questions about Snapsaved. However, Riot questions the role of the owners of snapsaved. Neither Google nor the Internet Archive has stored any content, including the main web layout, of Snapsaved. The unnamed Snapsaved. None of those involved with Snapsaved. This article is more than 6 years old. File uplo by type, date and to Snapsaved.

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Analysis by security researcher Riot. Photograph: Riot. Charles Arthur. Tue 14 Oct The analysis has been provided exclusively to the Guardian. Topics Snapchat Hacking Data and computer security Data protection news. Reuse this content.

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How Hackers Got Private Photos Without Ever Breaching Snapchat's Servers