Snapchat leaked pics

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Nearlyimages and videos from Snapchat were released on the Internet. But anyone seeing the Snapchat images might be subject to child pornography charges. October 13, Upward ofimages — many of them explicit — transferred through Snapchat were released to the Internet yesterday. But anyone caught viewing them may face legal trouble. A 14 gigabyte file surfaced on viralpop. But not before hundreds of copies of the file, containing 85, images a 9, videoswere downloaded, according to Yahoo News.

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These images and videos are now showing up on Reddit and 4chan. By some estimates, 50 percent of Snapchat users between the ages of 13 and That means downloading these images could open any viewers to child pornography charges. One of Snapchat's central features is that images are only supposed to be snapchat leaked pics viewable to recipients - which means some teens are using the app for sexting. In fact, those who have already downloaded the Snapchat image file said many of the pictures constitute child pornography. Warnings surfaced on Reddit before the photos did. I would avoid it for anyone thinking about looking for the photos.

Snapchat distanced itself from the security breach, according the International Business Times, saying the leak came from third-party apps "that users download in order to save photos and videos that would usually be deleted by the messaging app. According to the statement, the hackers never had access to any personal information such as usernames, though they did access megabytes of images. Already a subscriber? Monitor journalism changes lives because we open that too-small box that most people think they live in.

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Snapchat leaked pics

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Hackers Access At Least , Snapchat Photos And Prepare To Leak Them, Including Underage Nude Pictures