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In. The Spanking Age Hide Spoilers. Mary Ann is the very unfavourite child who is slapped, pushed and smacked so many times but always remains very philosophical about it. A very funny running gag - whenever she is spanked, she in turn spanks Wheezer who then kicks Pete who then - well, the cat starts to look pretty jittery!!

Jean Darling plays the mother's little darling, a "35 pound pain in the neck"!!

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She is going to a "swell party with swell people", "Oh, you're always swelling" Mary Ann tries to bring her down to size and there follows a little fight with slaps, raspberries and withering words. Father comes home, he hasn't been able to interest anyone in his patent and he is instantly in the dog house with plates flying!!

I wouldn't say this is a "gang" comedy, more a showcase for Mary Ann, Wheezer and Pete. The gang only appear as guests at a "swell party" that Mary decides to give but with motor oil poured over the salad and the cake baked with alum the gang are very pleased to leave even though under a police escort!! Father comes home and, happy surprise, his invention is a success and spanking reviews takes his kids, pleased to get away from his shrewish wife and her little brat.

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Mary Ann is also given the chance to dress up in a lovely party dress for the last few minutes. It really does live up to the glowing reviews it received from the critics of the day. It also features unusual camera work which showed the world from 's perspective and adults are viewed from the waist down - it works really well. Was this review helpful? Mary Ann and little brother Wheezer are not welcomed in their stepmother's house whose daughter Spanking reviews also doesn't think much of them.

Their father is trying to get a patent for his latest invention so all they have is each other and Pete the Pup for company. To cheer themselves up, they plan a party for their gang friends. Can you guess how this turns out?

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For a long time, this spanking reviews a lost film until Reviews at the time of release were glowing and I can now say how much I agree with them having just seen this on YouTube. Robert F. McGowan should also get kudos for having the adults be seen only from the waist down the whole time as this added to the fun. So on that note, I most highly recommend The Spanking Age. She takes her own daughter, Jean Darling, to a swell party, leaving the others to mind the house and answer the door.

So the three of them -- did I mention Pete the Pup? I always find the episodes in the series where the kids are just being kids the most enjoyable, and in this one, watching Mary Ann and Wheezer go about their nonsensical business in a perfectly serious manner is a lot of fun Mary Ann had come to Roach from the Sennett studio, where she was the child in the Smith Family series a couple would be released after this short.

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So they were both seasoned veterans. And Pete? Pete was the best dog on the movie screen. Create a list ». List of rediscovered films. Short Subjects. Films by year: MGM short subjects. See all related lists ». Share this :. Clear your history.

Spanking reviews

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