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Let your fridge take care of you while you go about your daily routine. This fridge star 637 adjust the speed of the compressor according to the amount of food and beverages stored inside, thanks to its Digital Inverter Technology. With the innovative Digital Inverter technology and 7 levels of cooling, this double-door refrigerator automatically adjusts the speed of its compressor according to the amount of food and beverages stored in it. This in a more energy-efficient and durable performance by the fridge, with minimal noise. This ensures that your vegetables, fruits and other food items stay fresher for longer without drying up.

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Moreover, each compartment of this fridge is cooled separately, so odors don't mix with each other and your edibles retain their original flavors. The five convertible modes of this fridge address different storage needs.

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You can easily choose one based on the need of the hour. If you are wondering when to use what mode, then it's quite simple. For instance, you can use the Vacation mode to switch off the fridge section when you're going away from home for a while. Or you can use the Extra Fridge mode to convert the freezer into a fridge space during special occasions. These modes will help you cut down on unnecessary power consumption. Frequent power outages might make it difficult for your refrigerator to keep your food cold.

But with this fridge, you don't have to worry about that anymore. This refrigerator features Samsung's Smart Connect Inverter technology that automatically starts drawing power from your home inverter when the power goes off. It will help in keeping your food frozen for up to 12 hours, even when the power goes out. It is perfect when you want to chill your beverages and food items in no time. The LED display makes operating most of the controls without opening the fridge door convenient. Found on the freezer door, the digital display allows you to change temperature settings and select the convertible modes, among other things.

In any party, ice cubes disappear faster than how quickly most fridges can make them. The anti-bacterial protector of this fridge uses an activated carbon filter and an anti-bacterial mesh to keep the insides of this refrigerator hygienic and clean. It constantly sterilizes the air, deodorizes it and prevents the growth of bacteria. Now make ice faster with the Twist Ice Maker. Dispensing the ice is also easy. All it needs is a simple twist to release ice cubes. There's no need to store your veggies and fruits together anymore. This Samsung refrigerator, with its Twin Veg boxes, offers the flexibility of storing your fruits and vegetable separately.

The boxes are easy to pull as they slide out easily, making them very convenient. The compact Deli Tray is not only a great way to store deli foods, dips and freshly prepared ingredients, but it also can be used to serve those delicacies directly at the dinner table.

Now easily store large bottles of water, milk and beverages in the big bottle guard. It is both deep and wide enough to keep the bottles star 637 tucked inside, along with two rows or smaller cans and bottles. Craving for a spoon of your favourite ice cream at midnight? The LED lighting of this refrigerator is bright enough to illuminate every inch of its spacious interior. As a result, you can easily find star 637 food you are star 637 for.

Forgetting to shut your fridge door properly can make your food go bad sooner than expected. This fridge, with its door alarm feature, will alert you when the door is not completely shut. The sleek bar handle not only takes the looks of this fridge to the next level, but it also adds to your convenience. Prevent your kids from sneaking out sweet treats behind your back. Keep your fridge's contents under lock and key with this fridge's key lock feature.

This fridge's toughened glass shelves allow you to conveniently store large vegetables like marrows and melons, or big containers and pots of food. Samsung smart refrigerators can operate stably even in case of high voltage fluctuations. This eliminates the need for a separate stabilizer, and makes the fridge energy efficient. Explore Plus. Star 637 Appliances.

Important Notes. For products requiring installation, returns are valid only when they are installed by Flipkart-authorized personnel. Here's a fridge from Samsung that's going to take care of all your storage-related trouble. Featuring a capacity of litres and Smart Convertible technology, this double-door refrigerator provides enough space to accommodate almost all kinds of food you like to indulge in.

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Apart from that, this fridge is also well-equipped to keep your food fresh and cold for up to 12 hours when there's a power outage in your area. With an energy efficiency rating of 3 stars, this refrigerator makes optimal use of electricity. Toughened Glass Shelves. Rate Product. Questions and Answers. Q: Can't decide what size of fridge is fit for me. How do I decide on the capacity that is ideal for me?

Report Abuse. Q: How much space does star 637 refrigerator require around it? A: In order to have sufficient ventilation, the refrigerator should have at least It should also have Q: What are the advantages of a Digital Inverter compressor? A: Digital Inverter Compressor intelligently varies its power and running speed according to immediate cooling requirement of the compressor. Q: What is the energy star rating of this refrigerator? Whats the benefit of it. Why this is changed in comparison to body material.

Is the current leather body is long lasting? A: It only looks like leather body but it is having leather finish in metal only but it is not actually leather. Q: What are the benefits of Frost-Free refrigerators? A: You do not need to manually defrost the Freezer unit. This saves your time and energy. Note: Manual defrosting can take as long as 24 hours and Frost Free refriegerators overcome this limitation.

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