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For better or for worse, by force or by choice, chances are that by now you have heard of unsolicited dick pics. Cyberflashing — where someone exposes themselves to you without your consent online — is now so commonplace folks will often laugh it off and go about their day when it happens to them.

Unsolicited dick pics are so common in fact, solicited dick pics are considered the true oddity. I know this because when I solicited dick pics in September, I was treated like some sort of deviant… even though it was for science. Well, the answer is long and nuanced, but the simple explanation is that I am trying to help solve the problem of unsolicited dick pics and make the internet a safer and more inclusive place to be, especially for women. Like most people, the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is reach for my phone. Normally, I wake to missed texts and s.

Thankfully, the laws are starting to catch up with technology Like countless other women each day, I complained to my social network about what an unpleasant submit dick pics it can be to receive an unsolicited dick pic.

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More than half of millennial women have reported experienced cyberflashing. Being a creep these days is easier than ever, thanks to the anonymity the internet offers. In most places though, victims of cyberflashing have no legal recourse. When it happens, we are told to close our DMs, thus rendering ourselves unreachable by anyone, including those we want to have open communication with. They leave their DMs open without fear. This is where Manuel comes into the picture.

Manuel, a cyber security professional and internet friend, saw what happened to me and instead of offering useless comments or blame, he came to me with a solution to the problem of unsolicited dick pics.

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I agree. Within days, he had a proof of concept ready for testing. The problem? I needed a way to acquire lots of dick pics, fast. I created a new where I invited users 18 and over to send in consensual photos of their genitals. For the first time in recorded history, a woman appeared to be soliciting dick pics.

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People went crazy. Over 1, images of penises were received in our first week. At one point, the functionality broke because there were simply too many dicks. Either way, there was no shortage of dicks. Folks were also sending in dick-like objects.

I got phallic produce pics, politician pics mainly Donald Trump, obviouslyhot dog pics, you name it.

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Turns out there are a surprisingly large of things that can resemble a dick if positioned just right. The showYoDiq has evolved over time to be more interactive. Our most dedicated testers have sent over photos. The filter, which we are calling safeDM, uses artificial intelligence, or AI, to identify photos with penises in them and delete them from your messages. It works like this: our system monitors your messages for incoming photos.

When a photo is received, the AI determines if the photo contains a penis. If the photo is a penis it gets deleted automatically, and a message is sent to both parties letting them know what has happened. You may be wondering how the AI know what a penis looks like.

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Well, someone not me has trained it to recognise genitalia by feeding the model thousands of confirmed penis photos, so that it can now spot them on its own. What I am sure of is that there is a clear need for this technology. Women with a large social media following, celebrities, and journalists would find it particularly helpful. This has been a problem for years and I can only imagine the reasons why there has not been more done.

Perhaps if there were more women making decisions in big tech, this work would have been done already.

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My hope is that those in positions of power will see the need for this technology and the possibilities it can bring. I hope they begin taking their customers concerns and safety more seriously and prioritise this work accordingly. Kelsey Bressler is a technologist and activist against online harassment.

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