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In. Edit Obsession Showing all 16 items. The movie was filmed inbut did not debut theatrically until Last cinema movie for Richard Burton untilwhich was Burton's final theatrical feature film. Tatum O'Neal had to keep her legs covered throughout the entire movie, including during her topless scene. This is because she had been involved in a terrible car accident shortly before filming, and her legs had suffered second and third-degree burns from skidding on the pavement.

Richard Burton once said of this film: "'Circle of Two' is a delicately balanced story.

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The two personalities have to complement each other very much and be totally believable or they run the risk of being just a dirty old man with a beautiful young girl. It's a tremendous job for the director. Penultimate theatrical feature film of Richard Burton. Clair Richard Burton for the first time, Lee Majors and Tatum's father Ryan are clearly seen as two of the people in the theater. Ryan O'Neal visited the set often to supervise his daughter, due to the film's sensitive material.

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This film was made eight years after its source novel "Lesson in Love" by Marie-Terese Baird was published in This movie is the only filmed adaptation of one of Baird's stories as of February This movie was controversial for showing Tatum O'Neal topless, as at the time of filming she was sixteen-years-old. The film's "Lolita" type theme was also controversial, despite the fact the relationship between the painter and the young writer was platonic.

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Reportedly, Tatum O'Neal 's salary on this movie was two hundred fifty thousand pounds, plus a percentage, while Richard Burton 's paycheck was over five hundred thousand. The amount of time since artist Ashley St. Final film of Director Jules Dassin.

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Richard Burton was fifty-four-years-old when he made this movie, and Tatum O'Neal was sixteen-years-old. The characters they played were sixty-years-old and sixteen-years-old respectively, Burton being six years younger than his character, while O'Neal played her own age. The age difference between the actor and actress was thirty-eight years, the age difference between their characters was forty-four years.

At the time of the film, Burton was married to Susan Huntwho was thirty-two-years-old, twenty-two years younger. Burton's leading lady in his film Lovespell had been thirty years of age, nineteen years younger. In her autobiography "A Paper Life", first published inTatum O'Neal expressed unhappy thoughts about the film: "The premise of the movie was a little pedophilic and creepy, but the worst part for me was having to do a seminude scene.

It's agonizing to watch-- this awkward young girl disrobing for the artist in his studio. Even from the back, my body language shows that they'd forced me to take my shirt off-- at least it's obvious to me-- and that I'm standing there miserably aware of my half-developed breasts [.

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Is this interesting? Cameo Ryan O'Neal : Uncredited, as a patron at the theater. Lee Majors : Uncredited, as a patron at the theater. Getting Started Contributor Zone ».

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Tatum o neal topless

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