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A GUSD hosted parent forum on internet safety examined the latest issues regarding social media use, including a growing trend of teens sharing sensitive information online. Detective Donald Tucker of the Glendale Police Department, Violent Crimes Bureau, spoke on the rising prevalence of sexting, or sending nude photos, something which could be legally construed as the creation, possession and distribution of child pornography.

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Even when sexting occurs between two minors, California law considers the act equivalent to creating and sharing child pornography, a felony which in addition to jail time, could force the involved minors to register as sex offenders. Though the pictures teen sexting forum often shared with the understanding of privacy and discretion, Tucker said that when those pictures fall into the wrong hands, they can be used to threaten the subject of the pictures in terms of blackmail.

Tucker suggested parents speak to their children about sexting and its risks, saying that talking with your children will not increase sexting activity, but rather dispel the mystery. Additional social media concerns include cyber bullying and other public threats against students, teachers or themselves, which have led GUSD to begin monitoring computer activity at their campuses.

The Glendale Unified School District began working with Geo Listening inallowing the company to monitor any public social media posts made on school campus computers and report suspicious posts to the school district. GUSD entered into an agreement with Geo Listening, emphasizing that student safety was the primary focus of using the service. Anything posted publicly is detected by the monitoring service and the district is sent daily reports on activity which triggers their list of around 50 keywords on a range of topics.

At the event, Anderle said that teenagers often harbor misconceptions about the public nature of their social media posts.

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Private stuff does not stay private. Anderle also said that public posts can reflect upon a student well past their school years, as conversations with college and job recruiters have indicated that universities and employers search online through social media sites when evaluating prospective students or hires. Anderle said that consequences, as long as they will not involve the police, are left to the discretion of the respective school sites, but police involvement is not out of the question when danger to oneself or others is suggested, even if the intent was not serious.

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Tina Givrad, who has a biomedical engineering doctorate and teaches at Cal State Los Angeles, delved into the decision making process of teenagers from a biological perspective, noting the fluid development of the teenage brain. One part of the brain which is not fully developed during adolescence, yet is crucial to decision making is the frontal lobe. By definition, teenage years are the years that the body goes through both emotional and physical changes, so the amygdala is superactive here. Givrad recommended understanding and guidance for teens trying to manage busy school lives with rapid changes in brain chemistry.

Your teenagers need you more than ever in their lives. Jason Kurosu.

Teen sexting forum

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