Teeth fetish

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You should upgrade or use an alternative teeth fetish. ed Dec 22, Messages 11, Reactions 61, 2, 1, Alleybux 87, If a man's teeth are straight or uniquely straight -- see Treywhite and have really cute canine teeth on the side - it's over. Some of my favorite teeth in the world. ed Jul 8, Messages 33, Reactions6, 1, AlleybuxDeDe79 said:. Click to expand ed Sep 1, Messages 2, Reactions 5 2 Alleybux 55, ed Apr 15, Messages 17, Reactions4, 3, AlleybuxLeona Helmsley.

ed May 6, Messages 2, Reactions 5 1 Alleybux 64, What about dentures? ed Jan 19, Messages Reactions 8 5 Alleybux 43, Nala said:. ed Aug 7, Messages 15, Reactions5, 5, Alleybux 22, ed Jan 12, Messages 18, Reactions2, Alleybux 43, Chakra Khan said:. I didn't know. Once glance would be enough for me to keep it pushing. It appears. So so so true. I thank God for the 6 years of braces lol. Brenda Barrett.

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ed Aug 27, Messages 2, Reactions 17 1 Alleybux teeth fetish, So glad someone else admitted to having this same fetish. I thought I was the only one. Teeth are an absolute deal-breaker for me. You can look like Idris, have a PhD and impeccable manners, make bank and be hung like a horse, but if your teeth are a mess, just keep it moving. A nice, perfectly straight and bright white set of chompers is a major turn-on for this girl. ed Dec 9, Messages Reactions 1, 25 33 AlleybuxI understand.

I am obsessed with teeth too. I notice smiles first. That was one of the things that attracted me to the man who is now my husband. He has perfect teeth. They are straight, the ideal size and shape, no tarter or plaque build-up and he has never had a cavity. Breath is always on point.

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Brenda Barrett said:. I don't wanna be like this though. I don't know why I can't meet a man that cares about his teeth as much as I care about mine. ed Jul 26, Messages 14, Reactions 61, Alleybux 5, ed Feb 12, Messages 1, Reactions 8, AlleybuxDon't roast me, but growing up my mother never got me braces.

I grew up into a very teeth fetish women but my smile is far from perfect, I dont have a yuck mouth but I do have alot of spacing. Men and women compliment me on my smile often, but deep down I know it is what has truly held back men from pursuing deeper relationships and overall me being a more outgoing person. My sister always said that my teeth are the only thing people or my friends can hold over me and I'm starting to believe it.

Now that I see how the general public feel about teeth, I'm off to pop in these invisalign. I really appreciate post like these because it kicks me out of my comfort zone. Thanks ladies. Purrm said:. I wanted to add a little teeth candy for my teeth enthusiast. ed Jul 31, Messages 1, Reactions 1, Alleybux 89, Miss Kay.

ed Dec 1, Messages 2, Reactions 2, 86 11 Alleybux 4, Teeth fetish are the first thing I look at. I've always gotten compliments on my teeth but shit i'm thinking about getting braces or something so they can be perfect. ed Jan 13, Messages 10, Reactions6, 2, AlleybuxHmmm I've never really considered men's teeth to be that important but bad teeth are a turn off. My biggest turn on is biceps on a man. I love em big biceps. They get my juices flowing. I could stare at them all day.

Yesterday I was shopping with my friends and teeth fetish sat down to people watch, I almost fell over when I saw this fine black dude with large biceps. I just wanted to pounce on him. I love biceps. I love them. ed Feb 27, Messages 2, Reactions 8, Alleybux 80, I like a little character in teeth you know, a chipped tooth, one tooth over lapping the other.

But them things better not be making no gang s thats too much. Aalijah Ali. ed Aug 7, Messages 8, Reactions 1, 74 84 Alleybux 0. Elisa Maza. ed Mar 9, Messages 5, Reactions 21, 55 Alleybux 47, His Missus.

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ed Dec 30, Messages 2, Reactions 10, 16 Alleybux 60, I have a thing for teeth as well, probably bc I had bad teeth growing up. Why my mom didn't get me braces is something I'll never understand. But I digress. Oral health is important. I don't want your misaligned choppers on my kitty cat. The Flavor said:. Don't feel bad. My parents couldn't afford braces for me and much like you I had plenty spacing.

I just got braces at teeth fetish years old. I get them off in a few months. I can't wait until my smile is on fleek chile! I decided against invisalign because you have to constantly take them out to eat. That double power chain hurt like a bitch but I am glad its almost over.

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Never too late to fix your smile! Good luck. ed Apr 5, Messages 2, Reactions 10 11 Alleybux 46, She can't stand horrible teeth too.

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All that money yet it's been over a decade since you came into the industry and you haven't invested your money into any dental work? You must log in or register to reply here. Similar thre. I think I have a crush. Chocolatediamonds Mar 8, 8 Replies Views. Mar 8, Chocolatediamonds Locked Uhh. I think I have a problem Sep 24, Jack Deebs. Locked I don't think I have a boyfriend anymore.

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Mar 3, 28 Replies 1K Views. Mar 19, Black Beauty I think I have low self esteem. Jan 5, PoeticPisces. I think I made a mistake.

Teeth fetish

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