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All people are fetishists have fetishes to some degree. Everybody is attracted to a particular style, posture, behavior, clothes, or physical characteristic. On this article, I will tell you the most common ones. There are objects that we believe have greater influence on our mind and, consequently, will have an impact on our sexual desire.

The fetishized object represents our deepest desires; it is something on standby for us to enjoy. A call for pleasure. With this in mind, I have selected a list of the 8 biggest fetishes that arouse most men and women. Check them out! Nurse, police officer, secretary, student, bunny or even a sexy little devil… Top women fetishes you discovered which sexual fantasy attracts you the most?

Many men fantasize about spicy scenes with nurses, cheerleaders, schoolgirls, executives and even police officers. Cinemas, elevators, parking lots, aircraft lavatories or even the streets can serve the purposes of men. Read also: 3 Tips to turn a girl on. Men like to watch sex. The porn industry can heavily confirm that. Can you imagine watching your own sex scene then? It is a peculiar fetish. By taking some precautions so that the recording does not end up on the internet, filming sex can be fun and sexy. It is an opportunity to watch yourself, analyze your performance and see your practice as an erotic stimulant.

It may seem like a common practice to some or even a taboo to others. But no one can deny that men love it. In this fetish many ideas are combined: dominating, doing something forbidden, feeling pain and pleasure. Read also: How to have anal sex: 5 tips for not feeling pain during anal sex.

Some men like to dominate, tying up a woman with handcuffs, blindfolding her and provoking her senses. Other men prefer dominant women, who take charge. In this practice, pain permeates pleasure in acts such as spanking, whipping, hair-pulling, or wax play.

There are also men who top women fetishes to be punished during the ritual of a dominatrix a dominating woman who takes the role of punishing men. For the use of handcuffs, consensus must be reached before starting the game. And be careful not to lose the keys. Having sex with two women or even looking at two women together voyeurism may get men very aroused.

In most cases, there is a desire to see your partner with another woman and, preferably, to the party as well.

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The main problem is that when one does not want, three cannot play. Even though the man does not admit to his partner, in general he has desires for some friend, cousin or sister of hers. As this is considered an advanced sexual practice, it is necessary to have an open mind and a totally flexible relationship in order to enjoy the experience. This is the national preference in many countries. It is not just men who have wild and extravagant sexual fetishes.

Women also have their own fetishes and enjoy, even if only top women fetishes thinking, some kind of naughtiness. By the way, they are experts in fantasizing spicy situations and have their share of sexual fetishes to perform.

So, before playing Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele from 50 Shades of Greycheck out these 8 curious and naughty female fetishes, which men have no clue about:. Pole dancing, undressing to the rhythm of seductive music, exposing your silhouette, swaying around and arousing male desire are some of the great arousers of female libido. And men love it. The idea is that the man desired by the woman will take her to bed quickly, tearing off her clothes top women fetishes kissing her madly and insatiably. On the contrary. In order to carry out this fetish, the woman is the one who will dictate the rules, even in the condition of submissive.

The best thing about this fetish is that the woman brings the man who feels important to her knees before her will. In this case, men who beg or lose control become very arousing. Women become the boss, the owner, the commander, or the dictator of pleasure.

It is an option that always fluctuates in the imagination of women: to be part of a film, allowing many of their sexual fantasies to materialize.

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Since the internet is full of examples that went wrong, dialogue and consent from both partners is of the utmost importance. Many women still have the fetish of being photographed in sensual positions or moments. This photo-shoot raises their self-esteem. Just as men would like to see women dressed as a nurse, women have the same thoughts about men in sexy uniforms.

For women, uniforms and even suits are very attractive and arousing. Some examples can be: cops, executives, firefighters, warriors. The fetish of having sex with a stranger reveals that, without having any connection to a person, women can also have sexual pleasure. The opportunity is there to spice up the relationship and try top women fetishes sexual fantasies that will be great for both. Psychologist, Sex Therapist and Sexologist. Online Sex Counselor.

Read also: 11 tips from Sexologists that will help you reach orgasm What penis size do women prefer? In this context, sexy lingerie also stimulates the male imagination. Seeing your partner act out a fantasy during sex is another fairly common fetish. If done with care and hygiene, it provides pleasure for both.

This practice requires a lot of confidence. Men often choose parts of their bodies that eroticize them more, parts which make them hornier. Every woman loves to be desired and to see her man drooling over her. This has nothing to do with violence, rape or indecent exposure. This fetish revolves around the desire to strip someone of power, status or authority. Have you found out what your fetish is? Allow yourself to try and have fun! Rate this post 2 votes, average: 5. Tags: creativity fantasy fetishes man sex woman. Related Posts:. The best male condoms, choose yours!

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Top women fetishes

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8 Sexual fetishes women have that men are clueless about