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I could understand having a time lock but not having the option altogether is more than unfortunate.

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Forcing Trans folks to use LiveIDs from several years ago or delete our entire s is bad customer service. Guess we'll be sticking to Discord. Forcing people to keep their deadnames visible publicly is rotten. I hope that this wasn't ignored in favor of pushing people into Teams since Skype s would remain for a long time even with that action.

I'm surprised to find out that this once was being "worked on", but now the tag is gone. Microsoft should seriously reconsider their priorities by giving more options to their users. It is dangerous for some people e. You have already been do this to the more recent creators. On skype i only can change the alias but everyone who look at my skype profile can see trans skype deadname and outing me.

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Can't delete skype only the whole microsoft. I am trans, my skype name has my deadname. Out of 50 different internet s I could change it everywhere, but Skype is the most frustrating one ever, and it is even trans skype to my microsoft I use for everything, so I can't delete it. I don't want people to see my deadname.

I agree, nobody would use the Microsoft Skype ID to get in contact with someone, its too long and random. It would be nice if one could change the ID, even if just once. The issue with the User Name not ID name is that, when someone searches me for my name there are several users with the same one, so they can not trans skype which one is me. Soooo I m only left with the option of giving them my address, thats not cool either. My issue is, unfortunately my business user ID got hacked, and now I'm using another one, but ID is weird to share with business people.

Since I got contacts in it already I do not want to use another too. So my hope lies in the development team. Please pleaaase have us, have that option. Instead you can force people to have 18 digit passwords or something as security. Or let them hide the ID from the search if they want to, they can activate it when they got someone to add them. Has there been any communication back from the Skype team on this?

I have an old username that is inappropriate and would prefer to change it to something more professional even if it is just the new user generated username. I cannot access my old old skype trans skype even my thoud myphone is correct. I won't use it anymore I won't let my customers representatives all around the world use it. It's really ridiculous! If it's database id so don't use it in end-user level, if it's a username and searchable so let us change it to what we like. Microsoft should allow users to change and or even hide their usernames.

Why are they even needed anymore? You can change your name, your but not Skype username. There used to be tag "Working on it" since December which disappeared. You should allow modifying of skype name. It is an absurd that I cannot change my skype username that I select in the early 's. I cannot even unlink my Skype to create a new one. Even using an alias, my skype username is still shown to all my contacts. I tried to contact Microsoft support but I got absolutely zero solutions.

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I never expected Microsoft to be so unprofessional like that. We've just sent you an to. Click the link to create a password, then come back here and in.

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Why is this taking so long? ASAP Microsoft! Since Microsoft is working on it?? Software giant! Welcome to Skype Ideas! Search Search thinking…. Microsoft has partnered with UserVoice, a 3rd party service providing public discussion forums for product-specific feedback.

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Trans skype

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