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In the s, the rate of circumcision in Australia was about 80 per cent.

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The ratio of cut to uncut has since reversed: It's estimated about 20 per cent of newborn boys are now circumcised. What happened? What's behind the falling rates of circumcision, and is there any good medical reason to have a hoodie or a helmet? Although rates are falling in Australia, there are still thousands of newborns being circumcised every year.

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Meanwhile, Iceland has considered banning the procedure on the grounds it disregards a boy's right to self-determination. The proposal won support from around one-third of Iceland's doctors, and rattled the Jewish and Muslim communities, which practice ritual circumcision. In the UK, some healthcare experts have called for a national ban on male circumcision to match the existing one on female genital mutilation.

Earlier this year, a mother sued a doctor over her son's circumcision, which she says was performed without her consent. English-speaking countries such as uncut arabs UK, Canada and Australia have seen a similar pattern of declining rates of circumcision from the s. In the US, however, the rate has stayed high - more than half of newborn boys are going under the knife.

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Inthe American Academy of Pediatrics updated its policy on circumcision to recommend the procedure, saying there were more pros than cons:. Dr Nespolon uncut arabs the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners told Hack medical thinking on circumcision may have swung back a little towards the procedure. He said the kinds of illnesses circumcision may help prevent are not common in Australia and are mostly a product of social factors, not foreskin length. Studies show the most important factor in whether is circumcised are not necessarily what the national medical authorities are saying - it's whether the father is circumcised.

Hack Home Podcast Contact. Why are Australian men no longer getting circumcised? Thursday 4 October pm. A doctor performs a circumcision. Image: Getty. Share Facebook Twitter Mail Whatsapp. In the US, a mother is suing a clinic for removing more than the foreskin. A man protests outside a courthouse in the US.

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