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Jenn Mann answers your sexiest questions — unjudged and unfiltered.

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A guy I have been dating for a few months wants me to try pegging with him. When he explained it, I was intrigued and also kind of confused. Are we really doing this now? What do I need to know and where do I begin? Just so we are all on the sameit is important to define pegging. Pegging is when a woman, or anyone without a penis, wears a strap-on dildo and penetrates her partner anally. If you are a woman, and your partner is a man, pegging is still heterosexual sex. While there are many men who feel like their masculinity would be in jeopardy if they were to allow a woman to give it to them up the butt, plenty of others are all for new ways to get off.

In a now-famous interview with Taffy Brodesser-Akner for GQTom Ford actually said that every man should be penetrated at least once in his life in order to better understand the invasive and vulnerable nature of sex for women.

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You are probably here because pegging is hot and getting more mainstream. According to Savage so many people were writing to him about the then-nameless sex act that, in the interest of word space, he needed a one-word one-syllable name for it. In he challenged readers of his column in The Stranger to come up with a good name. It was an episode of Broad City over a want to get pegged later, when Abbi Abbi Jacobson is in bed with her neighbor and erstwhile love interest Jeremy for the first time, and he asks her to peg him, that really brought the concept to the masses.

Pegging plays with power and gender roles. It is important to be mindful that penetration is vulnerable, especially for a hetero dude who is unfamiliar. The fantasy of what it will be like and the reality of the experience may bring up unexpected feelings of violation, shame or anger. As the partner, it is important to be there for him emotionally afterward. Some men may feel sad and cry or even get angry and aggressive. While you must always put your safety first, be prepared for an emotional reaction to such a vulnerable experience.

Many women enjoy the power of being the one who is controlling the sex. The power of controlling the pace and the pleasure is seductive. To be on the giving end of the rod is a whole other emotional experience. If you get off from giving a great blow job, pegging may be for you.

This sex act requires some serious equipment. Making sure you get the right stuff is important in order to have a great first experience. Here is what you absolutely need:. A solid strap on harness.

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All the pegging aficionados I spoke with say this is where you want to put your money. Quality is important and most recommend a two strap harness. After all, nobody wants a floppy dildo. Other options are a corset typeor an underwear harnesswhich is cuter but gets floppy with bigger toys.

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It is best to start smaller than you would like and then move up. You only have one shot at his first time and you want it to be a positive experience. Many strap-on dildos come in kitseven ones deed for beginners with smaller dildos.

Make sure you choose soft silicone with a wide flared base. O rings. You will want a set of O rings in different sizes that can accommodate for different size toys. Like a cock ring, this can give the recipient a little extra sensation. Lubrication is of the utmost importance want to get pegged the butt is not self-lubricating. Sliquid Silk Lubewhich is a hybrid silicone and water based lubricant, is particularly good for pegging or any other toy play. If you want to get fancy, want to get pegged are additional accoutrements you can try. Keep in mind, these are advanced moves.

You can add a bullet vibe for your own pleasure. There are even strap-ons that have a special pocket for your bullet. For a beginner, the distraction of the vibrator can be like rubbing your tummy and patting your head at the same time. You may want to get your moves down first. Double-ended dildos are popular with the experienced crowd. They require enormous skill but double the pleasure. Even just having a conversation about pegging shows that your boyfriend trusts you and feels comfortable. Whether you actually end up trying it or not, this should open up other conversations about what you want in bed, which is great.

Open communication is the key to a great sex life. You may even want to visit the sex store together as some pre-foreplay. Before you jump into that ass, I recommend starting with some gentle exploration. Using lube, you will want to explore the area with your finger or fingers before inserting objects. To go straight into pegging with a newbie is the equivalent to expecting a couch potato to run a marathon his first time exercising. Even if, by some stretch of the imagination or anus he is able to do it, he is going to be hurting too much to enjoy it.

Before you begin, you should also get a little ass by checking out my column on anal stimulation. This will help you know how to prep him, find his prostate and give maximum pleasure while minimizing pain. Keep in mind, studies show that men have orgasms that are 33 percent more intense when their prostate is stimulated. While not all men orgasm from pegging, the ones who do tend to blow hard. Your first time pegging may be awkward. Even just putting on the equipment can be complicated. It can take some trial-and-error. Keep in mind that the strap-on should feel like an extension of your body so you can control it better.

You want to think of the dildo as an appendage. Continually check in with them and ask how things feel.

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Good communication is the key to good pegging, or any sexual activity. As with any form of anal play, people worry about the mess factor when it comes to pegging. There are things you can do to lighten the loadso to speak. Some people are happy to soap up in the shower before while others go all out with an enema to clean themselves out.

If you go the enema routemake sure you do it a few hours beforehand so you do not have a water leakage situation. Another easy way to avoid messes is to get a Liberator blanket which can handle all kinds of liquids while keeping your bed or floor While television portrayals of pegging seem to be heavy on doggie style, there are many different ways to peg. Some popular positions are: missionary, on your sides, cowboy, reverse cowboy, and a semi-missionary where the receiver is on their back with their knees up.

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Finding the right position is a combination of anatomy, comfort, and how much intimacy or eye contact you are both comfortable with during the act. All that's left to do is strap one on.

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By Dr. Jenn Mann Updated Apr 03, pm. Each product we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Save Pin FB More. Credit: Eva Hill. Before you strap one on and go at it, there are some things you need to know. All rights reserved. Close this dialog window View image.

Want to get pegged

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