Wet and messy women

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Girls wet and messy muddy wam video section Tweet.

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Muddy yellow dress The perfect costume for a fun playing in the cool summer mud is a small bright dress and heeled sandals. Download 1. Leather wetlook Leather highboots in the water! See how Darina enjoys the warm sea water, dressed in a small black dress, leather jacket and high-heeled pointed toe boots.

Mud Smeared Girl Dressed in a short dress and heeled sandals, Darina went to the muddy riverbank to test this costume in the mud.

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Wet and muddy exploration Dressed in a purple club dress, black tights and Hunter waders, Darina explores the river banks and gets into various hardships like escaping from a snake and getting out of a treacherous forest mud pit, not to mention the water-filled boots and dirty clothes.

This time I wear my brown cowgirl boots to relax next to a small river. Of course I cool my feet down wearing those boots. The light brown leather changes color after some time in the water, but my feet are still dry. So I continue and try to go deeper. At the end I show my socks and the insides of my boots.

In this video I have fun with my new Stylo extra tall rubber riding boots exploring a deep river looking for deep parts so I could test them to their limits. I didn't want to get any water inside them today as I knew they'd take ages to dry out and they're new! Did they keep my feet dry during this adventure? Spoiler alert, no they didn't! Playing in mud and water with my new super sexy black leather stiletto heel boots.

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Afterwards I take them off and show my socks, did they keep my feet dry? Testing my sexy deer over knee cowgirl boots in mud and water again. After a while testing them in deep mud and water I take them off to show my socks, they did very well so I went back into the river to test them in very deep water, right at the limits of my boots! Unfortunately as I tried to come back out from the river, my boots sunk into the river bed and they accidentally got fully flooded, I had to empty them out at the end!

The full video is over 15 minutes long! Darina having Wet Fun Perfectly soaked high sporty boots, jeans and down jacket - all this glistens wetly in the sun on Darina's figure. I am relaxing next to a small river on a warm and sunny day.

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My feet start to sweat in my shiny black leather cowgirl boots - so I decide to cool them off by walking in the cold water. At the end I show my socks - did they get wet? Abusing all sorts of different boots and shoes in mud and water gives her a special pleasure. And then she played fine game in the natural mud bath, dressed in a white dress and black nylon tights.

Ridingboots test Today Darina tries out her new rubber riding boots with a suede texture - she walks through puddles and gets stuck and plays in deep mud. Alina is wearing a red wetlook mini bikini. She puts on her red wellies and steps into an outdoor pool. There she walks around takes a small fishet and cleans the water. At the end she steps out of the pool and takes of the wellies. Leaky adventure This is a funny story about a torn patch, leaky chestwaders and wet pants and socks.

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So this time I give them a 15 minute waterproof test in the deep brook, often going as deep as I could and testing the boots to their limits! Afterwards I take them off and show my socks, these boots are definitely super waterproof, but could they still keep my feet dry after all this time? The full video is nearly 23 minutes long! I this video I had lots of fun playing with my brand new deer over knee leather cowgirl boots, first getting them all muddy, and then waterproof testing them in the deep brook.

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They were keeping my feet dry even in deep water. Afterwards I take them off and show my socks, could they still keep my feet dry? The full video is 14 minutes long! Mud Stuck Darina in hunters See how she got stuck in the forest orange-black mud and then, all smeared, got out of there to the car and how fun she tried to clean up!

Failed chestwaders test After carefully wading the river and never once scooping water over the edge of her chest waders, she finally found that her pants and socks were wet Could the new chestwaders be leaky? Watch as Darina walks through mud and water and shoots an underwater video with her action camera and then swears when realizes that the water still has penetrated inside the chesties.

Giving my sexy high heel leather shoe wet and messy women a waterproof test in the stream. First I test them in the ankle deep water being careful not to go deeper than the elasticated panels on the sides, then I was curious if they could still keep my feet dry even if I went deeper than the elasticated panels, so I dare deeper, almost to the tops of the boots.

Afterwards I take them off and show my socks, could these boots still keep my feet dry after this? The full video is over 14 minutes long! By request, I've made a video where I try and destroy my wedge wellies, my shoe boots, and a leather jacket, wearing sexy stiletto heel leather boots. I give the leather jacket and each individual boot plenty of attention trying to destroy them as much as I can. I make holes through the wellies and cause lots of damage to the shoe boots and the jacket, as well as breaking the heels of my sexy stiletto boots! Fenster schliessen Seite neu laden.

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Wet and messy women

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