What is a flogger

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Made to Order Turn around is weeks. In stock items ship in business days. Out of shop Dec 2nd th Basic quickies; of tails in a flogger- 30 for my standard floggers, 60 for a mop. This can vary so its best to read the description for each item. If no tail is mentioned is probably prescribes to this standard. Kinky Leather Guide. A flogger is an impact implement usually made with leather tails attached to a handle. In the past and currently in some societies floggers also called whips in old texts were used for torture and punishment. A whip typically has one tail, usually made from braided leather or paracord.

It is deed to be used in such a way that the tail moves smoothly through the air creating precise strikes.

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Sometimes the tip, called a fall or a cracker, moves fast enough to break the sound barrier. This creates the trademark whip crack sound. Floggers have more than one tail or fall, sometimes they have hundreds and they are deed for impact over small precision. There are many types of floggers and people come up with new des all the time. Hanging it in a cool dry place is perfect. I store mine on hooks on the back of my office door. Don't leave them crumpled in your toy bag or in a plastic bin somewhere. This can lead to mildew and mold which will destroy your floggers.

Eventually, there will be a whole blog post on this.

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If you want to get actual gunk off the leather, most leathers are fine with a gentle wipe down from a damp cloth. DO NOT do this with suede or nubuck. If you mean what kind of leather should you look for in your flogger, I recommend my Kinky Leather Toy Guide. If you are asking about the different styles of floggers there are too many to really go into the benefits of each one in-depth. You can start with a normal standard handle flogger, but I recommend trying out different types at the next local leather event that hosts vendors.

Typically you don't want your flogger to be longer than your arm. From shoulder to fingertip. You can get just as much power into a hit with a what is a flogger flogger as a inch flogger. In short, a balanced flogger has been constructed so that the weight of the handle is enough to balance the weight of the tails.

The balance point of a flogger is where the flogger can rest on one finger and balance perfectly without tilting toward the handle or tails. It is usually ideal to have the balance point be where your index finger rests when gripping the handle. First, relax. This is normal. It is very common in game animal hides like deer, elk and moose.

If you have been using your flogger give it a day or two to cool down. Sometimes the tails will return to their original length. This will not damage your flogger unless the tails are braided or some de like that. In which case you should just leave it be. A typical leather flogger has around 30 tails. This can vary depending on de, type of leather and weight of the leather. There is some false info that mop floggers are dangerous.

Any flogger can be dangerous if used dangerously. If a mop flogger is balanced appropriately it what is a flogger no harder to use than a normal flogger. Mop floggers have a much thuddier, massage like feel. Some people like to engage in what is called Florentine flogging or double handed flogging. This is a style of flogging in which a person holds a flogger in each hand and uses them both in pattern that creates a flurry of hits on their target. The simplest version of Florentine flogging is a figure 8, but there are fancier styles out there. Having a matched pair of floggers is ideal for this.

Honestly, in most floggers, I have never seen or felt a difference in square, rounded or angled tails. Anyone with a pair of shears and a few minutes can round the tails on a flogger. The only exception is with floggers that have very thick stiff tails. It is all about the leather and the balance. Pick the flogger up.

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See if you can find its balance point. Does the leather in the handle seem thin and feel like plastic? How about the leather of the tails? Is it soft and luxurious or does it feel like the leather in your jacket? The best floggers do NOT use the same leather that clothing is made out of. While different leathers have different characteristics, the leather should feel more substantial than what is used in clothing.

Does the seller make the product or are they a reseller? Ask if the floggers are handmade by a specific person. Do they offer a warranty? How does the flogger feel in your hand? Does it feel good, or kind of awkward? Avoid letting salespeople talk you into things for the cool factor and not the practical factor. Think about where you will be playing. Is there space for this flogger? What does your play partner like?

Something I have noticed; Floggers with wood handles are rarely weighted to proper balance. With lighter leathers, the natural weight of the handle could be enough what is a flogger balance out the tails and it might not be an issue. But I have yet to find a wooden handle that has weight actually added to it to balance out heavier tails. For example, using a piece of ice during sex to stimulate your partner would be considered sensation play.

The most common sensation play floggers are made out of fur or some other soft material. It is polite to ask the person staffing the booth if it is okay to touch or handle the merchandise. Please flog your partner on top of their clothing.

Also, please note that not all booth staff will engage in titles. Same thing with slave so and so. Close search. All Headdresses Icarus Collection. In Stock Clearance. Below are some of the most common questions about floggers. This list will be updated as more questions arise. Kinky Leather Guide Q. What is a flogger? What is the difference between a flogger and a whip? How do I clean my floggers? What type of flogger should I buy?

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How long should the tails of my flogger be? Some of my flogger's tails have become uneven! What do I do? How many tails should a flogger have? Why have a matched pair of floggers? What is the difference between flogger tails that are square, rounded or angled at the ends? What should I look for in selecting a flogger? What are some red flags? The most important thing is that it feels good to you.

What is sensation play? How does it apply to floggers? When purchasing a flogger at an event from a vendor, what protocol should I follow? Back to Nix's Blog.

What is a flogger

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