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I love comic books and everything remotely associated with them; the heroes, the villains, sidekicks, everyone! So much fun! Here you'll find inspiration for your next great villainous character name! Wout Vanacker. Every hero needs an adversary. The name of a bad guy or girl may not say everything about them, but it definitely adds to the "cool factor" if you come up with a good one for them. Villains get a bad rap, but those of us who create stories know that the hero would be nothing without someone or something for them to match wits against.

In every story or movie script I work on, I almost always focus on the villain wicked usernames.

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In some cases, I don't even create the hero or heroine until after I've come up with a good adversary for them. Naming my foil is always a top priority. As you may have guessed, this article will be useful to anyone wanting to come up with a good name for villains whether appearing in a book, comic, movie, game, or even song.

I plan on adding to the list fairly often, so you can check back every once in a while and find new suggestions.

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Of course, there's no guarantee that a name won't be used by someone else, so you need to be sure to do a little research if you plan on trademarks or copyrights and such. Thank you for taking a look, and I wicked usernames you find the lists below useful. Villains are mysterious, interesting, and, of course, evil.

Giving your villain an interesting backstory will help your readers stay interested. If you have not been a villain at a certain point in time, you will never be a hero. And the day you are a hero, you may become a villain the next day. Lady villains are just as murderous, frightening, and evil as their male counterparts.

Bad guys from fighting games often annoy me the most because we only usually get a superficially short origin story for the character. You can tell that a lot of thought went into creating how the villain looks, but because of the nature of such games, there is almost no time for their backstory. She had always found villains more exciting than wicked usernames. They had ambition They made the stories happen. Villains didn't fear death. No, they wrapped themselves in death like suits of armor! As she inhaled the school's graveyard smell, Agatha felt her blood rush.

For like all villains, death didn't scare her. It made her feel alive.

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A lot of writers and creators often overlook the origin story of their primary villain - this can be a big mistake. If your antagonist has to make key decisions at some point in the story, then they should always have as much of a backstory as your hero. For a character to make important, life-changing decisions, they must have some kind of motivation; after all, it's our past that makes us all what we are today.

It doesn't really matter if the person is good, evil, or something in between—your readers will relate wicked usernames them more if they know why they do what they do. It's up to you to reveal the details as your film, story, or comic builds to the climax.

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The name of your bad girl or guy is a part of that origin. The Paradox,The Death Angel. I Still need a backstory for them and 3 other villains and 5 heros and their backstory someone please help me on this my book needs it. Just remember that even the most generic character name can become hugely popular depending on how well the character is written. And at a young age, his father made 'The Figure' watch as the father killed 'The Figure's' mother, completely turning 'The Figure' rotten.

Then, a year later, 'The Figure' kills his father in vengeance for his mother, taking whatever his father's powers were, and changed his appearance to a random guy. He's been doing the same thing ever since, to anyone who has done wrong, even though the 'hero' can't figure HAHA PUN out why 'The Figure' kills so-called random people.

I was looking through these and was not really inspired to write anything good. I decided something like 'The Reaper', or 'Leviathan', or even 'Shadow'. Just simple ones that compel fear into people who read my book. Still writing though. And i pick Ripper as my supervillain name my superhero is KID-X and imo 7 years old but my superhero is a These are all very good villian names, i have already used most of them and will use them for maybe a novel or somethin. Just some ideas. I thought of a cool name - the figure.

His power is to mimic powers and change his appearance. Can someone give me a backstory, perhaps? Amber good villain name because her two oldest siblings bully her since she was child so she killed her oldest sister Sapphire she has 8 sisters she get up with so is Amber good villain name? How about D-stroy as a name? What about Doomsday? It might be a cool code name. Thanks, TheSullenSiren! I'm also thinking about making a antagonist called Killjoy just kills out of pure insanity. Well, wicked usernames this girl who wanted to wicked usernames away from her abusive family, so she made a deal with a demon, and now it can take control of her body whenever she wants.

I think by the end, the girl will have somehow taken control, or she will die and the demon will inhabit her body for eternity. Hey, so I'm looking for a good evil name for this girl who is controlled by a demon. Any Ideas? Hey can someone give a me a boy name for a "shadow man" type of drawing I need something good and interesting and the character he doesn't look fit from his appearance but really swift and mysterious and wicked usernames hangs kids on the parents front doors.

Well, Deianira means "man destroyer" so if any of y'all wanna use that I'm cool with it. I would urge you to delve into why your villain likes violence. Is it because something violent happened to her or is she just inherently evil?

Knowing the history and motivations of your villain will help you come up with a good name for them. Im searching for a new game tag Before you decide on a name, what's your villain's story? Why did they decided to be evil? Are they seeking revenge? Angry at the world for something? Just plain Crazy? You should decide those things before you decide the villain's code name. Some suggestions for your character. If you wanted to do something ironic, you could do a color scheme.

You know, any color that compliments the color crimson. Here's something I copied off google. Crimson red is a very intense and exciting color. Just some names to think about. I know they aren't probably the names you were looking for, but they're meaningful wicked usernames one way or another. I know that there not going to be the main villain but there gonna play a big part blowing up the earth.

What about "Splatter"? Someone who doesn't waste time is usually quite messy when killing others. The story I'm working on right now has several villans.

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But the most important is named Crimson. She is the daughter of an evil scientist.

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When she was small she accidentally drank a magical substance and it turned her into a superhuman. I need a name for her wicked usernames, she's a well-trained assassin and she doesn't waste time. She's also really smart and good at making evil schemes. Can someone help me come up with a name for someone like that? That is awesome! I love that! Only wicked usernames She would have to wear gloves. Otherwise someone could easily identify her DNA print and track her down.

Thank you for your idea DeathStroke. What if instead of a typewriter letter, it's a handwritten letter written in what looks like red ink, and has no name as to who sent it. The letter might mysteriously appear on a piece of paper that is stuck in a notebook or diary? That actually sounds cool Man somehow wandered into generator and toxic liquid spilt from it, giving him speed powers and also mind control and manipulation powers. Wicked usernames about a message she types on a typewriter instead of an ? No one can trace a typed note, but if you get an you can just check who the sender is Plus, not everyone is constantly checking their.

But if a note is slipped in through their mail flap they receive it and are officially creeped out. So basically if you get an from her, or see her in a dream, or hear her name three or more times in one day, it means your time is up, and she is coming for you. She is death's whisperer because she is said to be why people die, and she can influence what causes someone to die. She can sense when someone's time is up, because she hears a whisper in her ear or in her mind, it's as if death is whispering to her to tell her what she needs to do.

When she feels the urge to kill, it is either her own conscience or it is the force of death contacting her. She can even draw on deaths energy, and that is how she is strengthened by death. How about villain name Darkfire?

I have character who villain her real name Astrid but she later becomes Darkfire which everyone fears her and Winter hero in my book. Winter younger sister of Darkfire but Darkfire is cruel towards her siblings and her children. Darkfire is similar to Blackfire from Teen Titans!!!

Wicked usernames

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